So an exploit alowing users into a debug menu was discovered within hours of the release. I am assume tons of hacking groups are looking to exploit the Wii U, but here is my concern:

"As soon as Nintendo discovered this was in the wild they immediately shut down the database / admin debug menu in the Wii U."

Ok I see shutting down the database, but to stop users all together from accessing the menu baffles me. No firmware update, nothing just a menu that was there is now gone. POOF!

So the issue is what level of control does Nintendo have over our new Wii Us?

Before anyone starts replying about the damage of hacking and etc... WE ALL KNOW! This isn't a PRO HACKING THREAD this a questions of ethics and how much control we give the companies we shop from.

The Barnes and Noble Nook had or has a feature that allowed Barnes and Noble to delete content of the Nook. They used this feature to delete what was thought to be unauthorized purchases of a book called 1984 by George Orwell, the action was met with heavy criticism and Barnes and Noble said they would never use the feature again.

Your thoughts?

Epicrean (nintendo network ID)