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    Basic question about large games and Gamepad

    Hello everyone,

    Just picked up a Wii U last night and can't wait to get off work, kick back and play some Zelda on the couch!

    So I was in for a shock when I unboxed the unit and saw the huge Wii U Console. I see the storage capacity as 32GB. So how does it work when I download Zelda? Does the Gamepad need to be hooked to the console and that's where the game is stored? If so, I'm assuming the Gamepad would always need to be hooked to the console to play it. I can't take the Gamepad placesk and play Zelda?

    Any clarification is appreciated.


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    Hey there. The gamepad is merely a controller for the console. The console will store any games you download, and you can play the game on the tv, or on just the gamepad if the game allows it. The connection is wireless so you don't really have to hook anything up, though the connection can get a good distance as long as there are few obstructions between the console and gamepad.

    Though if you're planning on downloading a lot of games, it may be wise to buy an external harddrive, as 32GB won't hold too many full games.
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    No the information is stored in the console and not the Gamepad. The Gamepad only works in close proximity of the console (about 10ft) but it doesn't have to be physically connected to the console.
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    by the way, take a look at the supportable external HD, some of them you will need to you a 'Y" cable, like "my passport".

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    Thanks for the swift responses. Very helpful information. Much appreciated.

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