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Thread: Gee that Nintendo Gamepad Gimmick is sure not going to be a hit

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    I don't really see the point. Wii U has the gamepad, PS3/4 has Vita (even though it lags with PS3), and PC has nVidia Project SHIELD, which is the same price, and has access to Google Play Store. That leaves the 360/One, and the One controller looks a lot more comfortable than this... thing.

    My least favorite aspect, though, is how it connects through HDMI. If I have a One (the last market for this), it's constantly plugged into the TV. I'm not gonna unplug it to plug this in, every time I want to play with it.

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    I saw a guy post about this on Facebook today and everyone said it looked awesome. I mentioned that I thought it was pretty much a rip iff of the Wii U and the only response I got was that there were other "gamepads" before Wii U.
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    remember the rule, if Nintendo does it, its a gimmick and a fad, if anyone else does it then its awesome and revolutionary and if you bring up facts to that said person, they'll pull that routine ''well there were so and so before this'' blah blah blah

    pretty much anyway to justify their hypocrisy
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    Ehh, just use a pc to emulate.
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    the gamepad is like a non efficient tablet because it uses a computer basicly, but it is nice

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    Are you serious? That's how it works? So all it is is a small TV with controls, and it actually has to be plugged in to the console? What a piece of dung.
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    Not quite...

    An HDMI wireless transceiver is plugged into the device of choice. I'd imagine it has HDMI passthrough to allow television viewing also. There is an HDMI wireless receiver and "control pak' to catch the signal and understand where it's coming from, respectively. Oh, it also has Bluetooth to connect the controller portion.

    They also got uppity on their Kickstarter page and explained that it is not like the Wii U GamePad because it has no touchscreen (among other things that I just don't care to remember).

    It is effectively only a wireless television screen with additional controller. I think it might actually work if it were advertised as an Android and/or iOS controller, especially if it had USB input for GameSticks.

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