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    New Super Mario Bros U or SMBU for the WiiU Game-Review

    This is the game review for "New Super Mario Bros U" or "SMBU" for the WiiU:

    If your a "Classic "Nintendo games fan or a Mario fan, your gonna like this game. This game is fun for the whole family, and with up to 5 person Co-Op you can make it a party of fun or anger (depending on how you play). What this game needed for sure that doesn't have is on-line multi-player. It would have made this game 10X better in my opinion. I don't feel a "Mario Galaxy" would work for multi-player BUT this kind of game would for sure. The game looks great in HD and is the best looking 2D Mario game to date. The Game-pad controls and extras play great and are good add-on to the game BUT the game overall doesn't break the mold of the versions on Wii and the 3DS, and I am not the only one that thinks they could have pushed everything a bit more. That being said, the levels and visuals are great to see and play, and you do feel you're playing an evolved game. Also,to get everything in the game can be tuff and ya gonna need some help (either from the strategy guide or by asking questions at the Miiverse). Being able to post quotes/pics/and your personal best achievements through the Miiverse is a great addition and really brings the Nintendo gaming community together for sure. I believe this is a most have game for the U and give the game a 4 out of 5.

    As for my review vid here I could only show a limited version of the the game. If you have any questions on a certain part of the game leave a message, also if you want to see a 'Let's Play" of a certain game level let me know too.


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    This game was too similar to the Wii one... I need a break from this style for a while.

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