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    Anyone else have this problem?

    So recently I was downloading and installing Doom and the when it got to around the 40GB or so mark I get this disk write error. I ran disk check and it didn't seem to find any bad sectors. I followed the advice of repairing the steam folder and it seemed to fix it although now the download has to start over. With long downloads I sometimes leave my PC on overnight to help speed things up a bit not sure if that had anything to do with it

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    disk write error? did you try an another program? (like hdat2) this program need to boot from a USB/CD/DVD. because when you are on a OS there is space already in use (pagefile and other stuff)

    if I remember I had it one time...
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    Yeah, I've had that happen, but I'm trying to remember what I did to fix it. I think I probably deleted the folder Steam was saving the game to, and started over. I can't remember for sure. I can tell you it wasn't really a hard drive problem, though.
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