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    Let's spice up this forum some, it's been quiet for a while so the topic
    I want to discuss, as the title of the thread suggests, is the current
    trajectory that our favorite company is on.

    And what a trajectory it is!

    Sales have become a huge discussion over time. Sales of the big three.
    Especially in the Wii U era when haters wanted to prove that Nintendo's
    fanbase was dwindling in correlation to their diminishing install bases with
    each new console release. Wii U made sure that talk sustained.

    And now, look at the success of the Nintendo Switch! The turnaround that
    Nintendo has accomplished here.

    It's about to outsell Gamecube as I type. And that's the thing with this whole
    ongoing sales talk, which I feel now has subsided because of the Switch's
    success. It was mostly about the sales & not the games in the Wii U era...


    Because Nintendo was at the bottom of the barrel during that gen & Playstation
    was running away with it. Nintendo screwed up. We know the story.
    But look what the failure led to:

    The Nintendo Switch.

    And now that the PS4 has surpassed 80 million shipped worldwide w/ talk of
    an inevitable PS5 on the horizon and not as good Xbox sales yet very
    impressive Switch sales, where has that talk gone?

    Right now, Switch has breached 20 million worldwide & is about to
    surpass GameCube... preceding... the release of their two holiday juggernauts
    in Smash Bros Ultimate & the Pokemon games and by the end of their
    fiscal year (March 2019) we may very well be talking about Switch
    surpassing or approaching N64 worldwide sales.

    Nintendo is in competition with themselves now, and I think gamers/haters
    have realized that, because all Nintendo needs to do
    is topple their predecessor devices w/ Switch sales
    therefore proving... that the negative talk was because they were in last place,
    all while continuing to grow as a company.

    We don't even realize all of the new ventures that are in place outside of
    just Switch hardware and Switch first-party software.

    * Starlink: Battle for Atulus w/ EXCLUSIVE Starfox content!

    * Dark Souls (late) but w/ EXCLUSIVE amiibo.

    * Diablo III w/ EXCLUSIVE Zelda content

    * Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Physical DLC

    * Labo (upcoming Vehicle Kit this holiday)

    * Amiibo (all kinds of new Smash Ultimate amiibo including Ridley, K Rool)
    Nintendo continues to make bank!

    * Mobile (Mario Kart Tour/ 2019) Could possibly be huge & in my opinion,
    outsell Mario Run & also good to advertise to increase awareness of
    Mario Kart 8 Deluxe already available on Nintendo's premium device.

    * Mario Movie (still in the works)

    * Accessories (Smash Ultimate Pro Controller)

    SO we now have a regular pro, a Splatoon 2 pro, a Xenoblade 2 pro,
    and now a Smash pro! How about a Bayonetta 3 or Metroid Prime 4 pro,
    Nintendo keeps releasing these & makes profit.

    * Experimental Bundles (Mario Tennis Aces & 1,2 Switch included)

    * Switch Upgrade/Custom Tegra X2? 2019?

    Now Look how 2019 is shaping:

    Yoshi, Dameon X Machina, possible Starfox: Grand Prix reveal (which I still feel is real),
    Metroid Prime 4, Shin Megami Tensei 5, Doom Eternal, Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night,
    Pokemon Next-Gen (two games) Fire Emblem: Three Houses .... just off the top of my head!

    Huge games!

    So this goes right back to showing that Nintendo's current trajectory w/ Switch & all of their
    other profiting ventures is one that is very, very healthy & will continue in 2019 and beyond!
    What a turnaround it has been. What do yall think?

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