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  1. The Rockets won when Jordan was retired, and then coming back from retirement. Olajuwon was incredible, though. And while the Oilers were really good for a while--never made the big one. I couldn't remember if the Astros won back then, or not. I had no idea Houston won the MLS Cup. That's something, at least. But sure, go ahead and fire one up. I'll post there. Maybe even root for the Astros--unless they're playing the Cubs.
  2. Yeah...it's been a while since the last championship down there, hasn't it? Was it the Astros, or the Rockets? The Oilers had something good going on back in the day, but they never made it there. Which was too bad, as I was a Warren Moon fan. Poor guy would be a top ten pick if he was a youngster today, but back then he was forced to go to Canada to even play.

    As to a MLB thread, we certainly could. I'm not sure how much interest it would generate, but that's inconsequential, really. Capnjazz is a big baseball fan, he might be into it...
  3. Rosita is pretty hot. I think we'll be lucky and not lose any main characters for a while (as we just lost three last season), so maybe she'll be safe. Most of those women are fairly attractive, really, they're just sweaty and gore splattered all the time, so it's hard to tell. Negan is a very good villain, both because of his basic character, but also sort of the existential weirdness he represents. Meaning--most strong leaders in a post-apocalyptic scenario would not be people like Rick. Jeffery Dean Morgan does a fantastic job in the part, too. I wonder what's going to happen with Negan, and whether Rick will make good on his promise to kill him, or not. I don't know what's going to happen to Oceanside, and we're not exactly clear just how far the communities are apart. I can't wait to see how things work out...and what happens after that. And yeah, you lucked out! Less than a month now!
  4. I'm glad you changed your mind! I can't say it was a TOTALLY strong season--they had some pacing and exposition problems--but it was still great television, and ended up containing a couple of my favorite episodes from the run of the whole series. That last episode, although a little jumbled, still kicked all sorts of ass. And the results were unexpected too (at least for me) as the good guys really tore up the Saviors something fierce. Great to watch, sure, but what the hell happens next? I'm thinking maybe the Negan storyline gets wrapped up earlier than I anticipated. Which is fine. I sure hope that Rick and co. rain hellfire on those treacherous Garbage People assholes from like frame one of episode one next month. And I hope those Oceanside women get brought into the main community of the collectives, too. That was such a weird, sad story.
  5. I'll give it a shot, when I need something to play. I'll probably love it and not finish it lol
  6. Isn't 10 the clothes one? Lol

    In any case the thing is I've gotten a bit pickier about the non-Nintendo games I play these days. I notice that I pretty much only finish Nintendo games. So I make sure I'll like a game before buying it now.
  7. What happened to your avatar? Didn't you have a Cloud avatar?
  8. It was long enough! I can't be taken seriously enough as a pony, and I'm supposed to be the on topic guy!
  9. Hard to say just what I'll end up doing. But hey--as to the POTUS thread--I've got to do my civic duty, you know?
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