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  1. My good man, if you want to help us with our cause, all we need is you to "like" this post.

  2. okay...oooh it's you! I didn't remember ya because you change your name =0
    I was not on the forums for a long time but I did return.
  3. you were talking about Metroid 2 on a thread...Check out on the net AM2R. it's a remake of Metroid 2 but it isn't finished!
  4. Alright, thanks for the advice. I'm getting as many opinions as I can.
  5. I am a bit suspicious to give information to a stranger on the internet. Let's say the business is worth about 25k -35k, everything. Fortunately, I am not under pressure from investors or the bank, and I'd like to sell for family reasons. Therefore, I am neither desperate nor do I want to stay with the current plan. The main problem is dealing with selling to this particular individual.

    Perhaps I am asking the question in the wrong place.... If you have any advice, that would be appreciated.
  6. I'd like to sell the business to someone else that I have know for one year, but I neither trust nor distrust this person. Should I hold out for something better?
  7. Are you actually a CEO? Do you have advice for those looking for a start-up exit strategy? I'm asking for a third party.
  8. Well maybe I over-exaggerated that percentage a touch - haha. But for how fast that side smash is, it kills at very low numbers when compared to some other smashes with that speed, give it a go for yourself in the practice mode. I was pretty shocked.

    It is what it is I guess, I'm sure a little concerned is all. Like I said, he looks and feels great! I just mess around with the game casually anyways, so tier lists and that stuff doesn't really concern me. Speaking of god-tier, I have been really having fun with Olimar lately lol. After doing some reading on that character and paying attention to what Pikmin is up, he actually racks up damage really quickly and is really tough for a lot of characters to touch. I was playing against a couple of my friends that usually destroy me in smash and I actually 2-stocked both of them once with my boy...lol
  9. I mean that I think Roy is overpowered...lol. His Side Smash kills at basically 40%, his up tilt is ridiculous and his counter isn't even fair. Don't get me wrong, he feels great and a lot of fun to play - but if he doesn't get nerfed nobody will play anybody else...haha
  10. What do you think of the new smash characters? Roy is dumb...lol
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