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  1. So Mr. DC...have you had the chance to catch Civil War yet? Seems rather odd to me that apparently opinions on the forum about it are drastically split between loved it and hated it. I think you could probably guess what camp I'm currently residing in!
  2. Will do.
  3. Make sure you post in that thread after you see BvS. I'm interested in what you think.
  4. Good to hear from you Darth! Unfortunately I've probably poisoned the waterhole in regards to people taking my thoughts on SW to heart, but I DO think it's a universe worth exploring. And DI3 looks interesting. I simply don't want to buy redundant figures I have no attachment to.

    So unless Mace Windu can triple jump or something, I probably won't be buying multiple SW figures when I purchase DI3.

    That ^^^ was sort of a disengenious statement, considering I already own the Samuel Jackson version of Nick Fury and he's already giving me his perpetual scowl.....
  5. I see now that my ban has allowed you to remain as open-minded as ever!

    Yes it may have taken the safer path but once again I believe that J.J. did the best he could with what he had as far as expectations. Could he have taken it in a much newer direction? Yes. But he would have then pissed off all the fans that wanted it to be more like the original! I think going into it with as few expectation and preconceptions is the best way to experience it. Not everyone will like it, but I'm not everyone!

    As for Disney Infinity 3.0 and the way each character controls I'd say Darth and Luke would be as similar as Ryu and Ken! In Battlefront Darth is a bit slower, but can force choke and glides a bit longer in the air, while Luke can run fast and jumps super high, and can swing his light saber much faster!
  6. I been kicked outta worse threads....
  7. Dude....I hope you weren't actually READING that thread!!! SPOILER-SPOILER-SPOILER!!! I would very much like to know what you think about it though once you've seen it buddy! Until then....uou are BANNED.....from that Star Wars discussion!!!!!
  8. I hear you on that. There is nothing like making a really cool level, putting it up, and having someone find a exploit that lets them skip everything! That's especially rough when it's a level I struggled to beat!
  9. I completely understand that. I actually just had a pretty cool idea that I'm hoping to start on tonight. Even if I complete it, I'm going to hold back and not publish right away. Seems like every time I hit that upload button, I play through the next day and get down on essentially every aspect of the course and wind up redoing the whole thing...haha

    I'm trying to give feedback whenever I can, but for selfish reasons. I'm hoping that if I critique people's work they will take the time to do the same for me. So far it isn't working out...haha
  10. Yeah, but it's slow going as instead of knocking out a course in a matter of minutes I'm trying to be more clever about it. The ones I've made so far aren't bad, but they aren't quite what I want. I'll probably put up several on Monday Tuesday. Thanks for asking! As always, your input is welcome!
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mid-thirties, married. Got back into games via the Wii. Started on Atari 2600, NES, Genesis, PS1, then back to NES, Xbox which bored me so I quit gaming for about five years. I bought a Wiiu but returned because of money issues/ not much on it yet. I'll pick up a new one soon. Meanwhile I have a huge backlog of Wii, VC and 3DS titles to keep me busy. If any body wants to talk games or whatever just hit me up.
st. louis, mo
games, comics, good tv
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