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  1. Hey Drew, yeah it's in that sweet spot for sure.
  2. Also they are having a buy 2 get the third for free deal and most of the good used games on their site are $5 each.
  3. Hey Drew, Gamestop is having a sale on their PS3 consoles right now thought I'd let you know as per our conversation the other week:

  4. You should have kept Richard Simmons
  5. He plays a halfwit redneck a bit too well, doesn't he?
  6. By the way that Creepshow segment with The "King" was his best role!
  7. I have no problem with SW per se, I'm just sick to death of hearing about it every single day. And I do hear about SW at least once a day. I live in the Bible belt and Jesus comes up less often. SW is fine by me in moderation, except SW fans don't seem to know what that word means.

    Matter of fact, I'll probably be getting the SW themed DI3 pretty soon, but mostly for the non SW content to be honest. I hope your friend enjoys herself!
  8. I'm sorry Drew, I ended up buying a Star Wars Blue Ray collection lol. One of my friends wants to watch it because she's never seen it before and the only version we have access to is on VHS, and since I don't own a VCR I had to buy it, and I actually had a moment where I thought to myself, ugh I'm buying Star Wars, Drew would be so disappointed
  9. Yep. Not much news lately and the "news" that does occur is typically regurgitations of the same old rumors and speculation. Plus I got a new job that is much more physically demanding (which I like) and pays much better. In addition, I now work 9-5 Mon-Fri so I have the chance to participate and interact with people socially again, which beats bitching over an imaginary console hands down.

    I'm enjoying my new Daywalker status very much and am finally getting my student loans under control. Additionally, I'm drawing, painting, and cooking again, to the point where I'm considering eventually going to culinary school. Not for a career (done that) but just to refine my skill set. I've also volunteered to help out part time at a local animal shelter (I used to work in in one, and those guys always need help) but haven't heard back yet.

    So yeah, everything is pretty cool. I have been meaning to check out Planes, assuming you were being serious. Thanks for your concern, BTW.
  10. Where have you been, man? I just saw one of your long posts () and realized I don't remember seeing you around as much lately. Everything ok?
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About drew79
mid-thirties, married. Got back into games via the Wii. Started on Atari 2600, NES, Genesis, PS1, then back to NES, Xbox which bored me so I quit gaming for about five years. I bought a Wiiu but returned because of money issues/ not much on it yet. I'll pick up a new one soon. Meanwhile I have a huge backlog of Wii, VC and 3DS titles to keep me busy. If any body wants to talk games or whatever just hit me up.
st. louis, mo
games, comics, good tv
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