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  1. So I guess your not coming back after all? Please come back!
  2. Really need your vote! Pick pokeUniverse!
  3. Lol my parents hate video games so I never had chance of getting a game console (the PS2 was bought by older brother). Now that I'm 19 and have a good paying job I'm able to afford things now...So I finally feel caught up with this HD and online gaming! I have to say I love this Wii U.
  4. Lmao yea I saw it and reported it its just cheaptrick lol
  5. Well the SNES vs Genesis days were pretty bad, but luckily I was young enough then to just sit on my ass and play Congo's Caper. I miss those days... Playing a fun game with a friend. That's it. Now it's arguments, debates, attacks, hatred and technical specs. I mainly joined the Wii U forums to avoid all of that bullshit and just share my love for Nintendo with some like minded people. I left the gamefaqs forums after being on for only 2 days.

    I don't even understand fanboyism... I love every console and PC. I understand their strengths and weaknesses and just have fun with the games they offer. What's the point of the gaming community if it only serves to incite the opposite emotions that games themselves hope to elicit?
  6. Yeah, it's really pissing me off. Assassin's Creed III is one of the most technically stressful games of this generation, and the Wii U runs it great. All his arguments die right there. Not to mention, none of that stuff even matters to me anyway... I pick up the controller and have fun. End of story. Nintendo has so many awesome first party games anyway, that I could probably live with a console without any third party at all. Why do people want the Wii U to be a PS3 so badly? Why don't they just play the PS3?

    It's just making me sick... Play a game and have some fun. End of story.
  7. I absolutely agree with that. The quality of a game is based off of how well it's made, now where it's from. But at that point, the only RPG's I like are coming out of Japan. I hated Mass Effect, I think the Elder Scrolls is just ok, and most D&D games just confuse me.

    It also bothers me how Assassin's Creed is seen as an American game series, but it's developed in France and Canada...
  8. No problemo. I aim to please.
    Except when people piss me off..
  9. Hello, posted on your thread. Welcome!
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