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  1. Just a heads up we might not be here if you ever come back.
  2. Shake it like a salt shaker!
  3. Don't worry about ever logging on for us. Just stay away. We are only your second family. :-(

  4. I'll set this place on fire, just like Obi Wan did to Anakin
  5. Some friend, huh?
    No currs were given
    You best bring it, mate
  6. There was talk of sequels, as the whole movie is kind of a sequel to the books, anyway. I don't know...maybe the hope is that SOMEBODY gets it right some day. If it's like Lord of the Rings, I'll probably be dead by then, never get to see it...
  7. When King signed over the rights, the initial plan was much better than what we ended up with. But...you're right, he should have insisted on a bigger role in the thing's development. Ron Howard's plan for the series was easily the best, and even though he has his own production company, it still would have required the backing of a major studio, and Paramount--I think--came aboard, then balked. Howard should have kept the rights, and waited things out. He would have made a bunch of people a bunch of money if he did. Would have made a bunch of ticket buyers and viewers happy, too. I don't know. We'll see if there's any more films, and they straighten things up at all. It shows more promise (even though I'm not a huge fan of that book), so let's hope that turns out better...
  8. No. I was psyched about the casting, but when I read a few reviews...I kind of threw up in my mouth. After all the big plans to bring that story to us via television/film, to end up with that? Ridiculous.
  9. Did you watch the Dark Tower movie?
  10. Why thank you, it's probably one of the better ones I've had tbh and yet it's not perfect
    Couldn't really think of a more suitable word for myself and my avatar than that XD
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