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  1. I always miss these notifications for some reason. No real noticeable change, yet. From the dozen or so YouTube videos I've watched it seems that many people start seeing recovery around week 3. I start week 3 tomorrow. So I hope I see some noticeable improvements this week.
  2. I'm good. You may have seen in the Zelda thread that I've been a bit busy lately. I recently changed jobs, so I'm not checking the forums during working hours like I was at my last job :-). I've also been busy with other stuff at night and on weekends and haven't had much time for gaming or reading and posting on forums. . .

    And to top it off, I had the flu a couple weeks ago and wasn't doing much else but sleeping and resting with any free time I had. And just as I was getting over one illness, I seem to have caught a new cold. Lucky me.
  3. Where you at in the Who thread? Or have you not seen the finale yet?
  4. Hey ag! Yeah I'm great thanks! Just busy busy busy with work school and the babies! They're already 14 months, walking and getting into everything! Lol hope you've been good man!
  5. Waaaaay too long!
  6. Well, I'm glad you did! I'm glad to see that you were promoted because I can't think of too many users who would be better suited for it. Same goes for Death, as well.

    Uni is pretty good so far. I'm doing Computer Science so I'm learning C++ and other languages that should be helpful for game design. I'm not developing anything at the moment since I don't have much time on my hands, but I'm planning what I want to make (so character designs, stages, etc.) and hopefully if the idea isn't too farfetched I'll have something to share soon.

    And thanks, it's good to be back. Can't believe it's been over a year.
  7. I am! I'm at university now, I've been approved to develop for the Wii U and I'm halfway to getting a driving license, so everything's going really well.

    And you're a mod?!
  8. We care. I was about to quit because you weren't here.

    We have a "Balanced Schedule," so our school starts August 6th. It's crazy. Hope you have a good time seeing your family.
  9. Haha. I can understand hectic. I'm glad you guys had a good time. Now it's time to get ready for school to start back up.
  10. Hey, ancient. I was beginning to think you left us high and dry. Hope you're doing well.
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