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  1. Hope you're doing alright man! Wish you'd post more.
  2. Hey are guides allowed to sticky threads?
  3. True, the entire forum will be expecting it now. (Assuming we hit 30)

    But unbeknownst to all, we DO have a lot of lurkers here I'm trying to get to help us out.
  4. I have literally nothing else to do right now, so why not amirite?
  5. Ancient, if you want to be part of the fun feel free to drop a like here:
  6. That's my hope as well. The main thing I'm on the fence about is the paid online. Keeping my fingers crossed that they won't start focusing their first party output on it, 'cause I really don't care for the concept and it's a big reason I haven't invested in the other consoles.
  7. With the Switch, I'm still in wait-and-see mode. It's a super neat piece of tech but Nintendo is gonna need to nail their marketing message, third party relations, and properly communicating the price point being worth it in order to have the thing succeed (of course, everyone defines "success" differently soo...). I understand the reservations some people have but I'm sure the hyperbole and speculation is strong with this one!
  8. I've had to accept that I fundamentally don't get on well with fandoms and enthusiast communities. There's a level of emotional investment that I don't necessarily share and I find myself frustrated with the way things end up being framed in discussions. I was spending more time and energy complaining about how people were talking (remember, this was back when Federation Force was the hot topic) and feeling like I was the odd man out than actually discussing games and contributing to the community. So I needed to get out and I didn't want to cause a scene about it like a few of the other folks who left. Sorry for the confusion and for those long rants I sent Darth that you might've seen at some point. XD
  9. Thanks friend. It's a pleasure to be welcomed back into the community!
  10. Oh yeah, me and Kahhhhyle had a bet regarding the Switch leaks. I thought they were accurate...turns out they really weren't.
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