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  1. Gurriel used his fingers to squint his eyes and used some racial slur. Supposedly, in Cuba the slur he used isn’t considered disrespectful. But squinting his eyes was. He has since apologized, but I just wish he wouldn’t have done this. This all happened in the dugout though and the cameras caught it.
  2. Did you see what Yuli did though? Supposedly he was doing a racial slur gesture at Darvish. I saw it, I’m hoping it isn’t what it looks like.. We can’t be doing stuff like that. Two wins away though, but a lot more work needs to be done. I hope we do this thing.
  3. Did you watch The Walking Dead?
  4. I'm sorry to hear that. If it's anything that a friendly ear could help with, you're always welcome to send me a PM. Glad to see all you wonderful people are still here; he boards switched over from the Wii U Forums and I thought the whole site had disappeared.
  5. Hello hello! Hope you've been well.
  6. Rockets won back-to-back, but I think it was like '93-'94 and I was barely out of diapers. Astros have never won a World Series. They went once in 2005 and got swept by the White Sox. That was their only time making it there. I know the Oilers blew a huge lead to the Bills one year, but they never even made it to the Super Bowl I don't think. Been tough for us, we are almost like Cleveland but at least Cleveland won an NBA Championship. Made me respect Lebron a lot for that. I just want us to win something, anything... The Dynamo have won a couple but not many people pay attention to soccer. And I might go ahead and make an MLB thread.
  7. We need an MLB thread, haha. Astros scraped by, barely. I was getting so irritated with them.. I was also getting irritated when all the Red Sox fans were holding up "#1" and stuff, I mean I get it but it just sucks that they win championships all the time in all the different sports and I just want one! Haha.
  8. Rumors of my passing have been exaggerated. Work took over my life for the last 90 days. I took off July 4-- that was the only day I did not work. I worked from 8-10 today. And tomorrow is my final day.
  9. The last episode was very good. I'm glad Rosita made it out for now, that's some nice eye candy. It's going to be very interesting to see what happens, but the creator said the war between Rick and Negan would conclude next season, so we will see what that means. I actually love Negan, though. He did kill two of my favorite characters, but he is a great villain. Quite hilarious too. At the same time, I do of course want to see him die a painful death lol. So I'm torn between wanting his character around and wanting that revenge too. I agree about those stupid garbage people, that was messed up. I'm thinking Oceanside will join Alexandria, The Kingdom, and The Hilltop at some point. I watched this season so late, that it's already almost time for season 8 so I won't have to wait long!
  10. Since the season premiere I meant*, not finale.
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