Hello - long time member here yet I know a number of you are over at Playroom as well.

As a huge Pikmin fan, I wanted to create a board game that captured the rich strategic feel of the video game and put it into a physical format. I've worked on a proxy version for the past 6 mos. (my young children did the art) with the idea of perfecting the game play and lining up resources for 3D printing and graphical design. Over the past month I've done a few play tests and the game play seems pretty solid, with a play time of around an hour and a half. The board game includes enemy battle mechanics with leveled enemies, Pikmin and captain player abilities, the collection of food and the discovery and excavation of parts for your space ship.

You can read more about it here -

I've been talking with a game publisher who works with Nintendo to see if there is any path forward to publishing. If they decide to pass (as they are the only ones who can help me get a license), I will STILL MOVE FORWARD with the game - either making alterations to remove Nintendo IP and contacting other game publishers or releasing it as a fan project to anyone who may want to play it.

At this time, I wanted to make you aware of the project only. I will be updating art work on the blog site as it comes more into fruition in the coming weeks.