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    I've been having small panic attacks, been trying to exercise and just get exhausted.

    What can I do to do more exercise? I have a treadmill, boxing bag, small boxing bag and weights. I also get small panic attacks because of my exhaustion and anxiety, I also feel heated most of the time.

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    need to go to and get a plan together and go to a gym.
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    If you don't want to go to the gym you can use fitness trampolines (you can see them on hop trampoline). People often think that they are only for legs but you can work your entire body on them. Also, a good thing is that you can slow the pace and stop whenever you want to. I have trained my legs and belly after twins through my Stamina rebounder and it really helped me.

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    Pick up a sport? Socialize and exercise at the same time? I do BJJ myself, awsome training, and everyone who trains is like one big family (this is true wherver you go, i have trained at like 20 different gyms allover the world). Also good to be able to defend yourself..

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