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Thread: A sad, cautionary tale...

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    Unhappy A sad, cautionary tale...

    I want to preface this post by saying that I'm very salty this place was destroyed, I feel like, from within. The dozen plus very active members lost due to petty grudges caused a downward spiral, piss poor financial management/commitment on the front end (main site) from the owner, lack of engagement from those visiting the main site (in large part due to the owner ignoring the forums), etc, etc.

    I am angry but more sad than anything...this is the 2nd forum that I've ever bothered to join and, unfortunately, it ended just as badly as the first one did with feelings of being somewhat lost, anger and an overwhelming sadness.

    This place was a haven for me during some very dark times, filled with friends who kept me smiling when that was the last thing I wanted to do. You all, in some way, touched my life over the past ~5 years. It's unbelievable that so much time has pass in what feels like mere moments. The laughter and fun we had teaming up to play Animal Crossing, Monster Hunter or Destiny will not be forgotten. Neither will the conversations at all hours of the day and night. I have kept this place as my top bookmark on Firefox since I found it and mustered up the courage to join years ago.

    I will miss it dearly, along with the many friendships cultivated over the years. I wish you all nothing but the best going forward. I will keep my account open so please PM me if you ever need anything or want to reach out. My thanks and friendship will not fade, no matter the fate of this forum. Thank you, for friendship and being a place where I could either get away from life's struggles or lay my heart bare and feel the care of friends. From the bottom of my heart: Thank you.
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    Dude, the friends matter a lot more than some impersonal web site. And the friends are all still together over at Nintendo Playroom. Sure, the forum software isn't as good as the expensive vBulletin that they use here. But this place was dying, and nobody was talking. But now we're all under one roof again, and the discussion is taking off like crazy again. It almost seems like the old days again. Everybody is back to talking again. And it's because of one huge thing: the site owner actually gives a rat's ass, and he has a vision about his site. He's working hard to make it a great place, and that includes his main Nintendo news site, too.

    So don't be stubborn, man. Your friends are still there for you.
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    I'm not sure why site members, in general, take a forum site centered around a kiddie console so seriously, anyway .

    But in all seriousness, I've been members of forums off and on for 20 years. They all tend to follow the same bell curve as most other forms of social media. They start off slow with a few passionate members, then they swell and because a haven for all sorts of great information, and then they slowly die off again as people lose interest, moderation fails its job or people just get busy with real life. This forum is no exception and it won't be the last. The best thing to do is to avoid getting caught up in the drama / politics and how many active members there truly are and just enjoy discussing topics that interest you. After all, it only takes two people to have meaningful conversation!

    I'll check out this playroom site as well...good to have options!
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    Nintendo playroom? Wassat?
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