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Thread: Winning is so SWEEP!!!!

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    Winning is so SWEEP!!!!

    Go giants, baby!!!!!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Darth Praxis View Post
    Go giants, baby!!!!!!!
    As a Pirates fan, ie: couldn't care less who won to be honest, and as someone who just wanted to watch a fun World Series.... it really sucked. Honestly, outside of the people rooting for the Giants, the series was just a bore. Just like the Tigers vs Yankees series, and the Cardinals vs Giants series, among others (the Reds, ooooh the Reds....).

    And I'm not just talking about it being a sweep. It's just it didn't seem like a lot of teams bothered to show up this post season. To the point where the games were so boring I wanted to fall asleep half the time.

    Not saying the Pirates would have done better score wise, but at least with them, even when they're losing badly, I always feel like they're trying. Watching Cabrera watch that fast ball go by that ended the game just killed me. And Fielder had a nice vacation didn't he? After his first hit I think he was 0-12 in the series.
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    It's too bad Wilson got hurt at the beginning of the season, cause it would have been sweet to see him close out another series as he's my favorite player on the Giants, and the greatest man in baseball. But mad respect to Romo for striking out the side, including Mr. Triple Crown as the final out.

    Hopefully next year my Nationals wont choke and actually go deeper into the playoffs
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    Quote Originally Posted by Billy Mitchell View Post
    Hopefully next year my Nationals wont choke and actually go deeper into the playoffs
    If Strasberg is good to go, that'll help.

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