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  1. I definitely will man! I'll try to take some pictures of the service later on tonight and I'll post them to your wall if I can. (and if you don't mind ) It seems like a great service I just hope Sony gets the overall pricing right. I would pay an additional $50/year to have access to everything in the PSN store at the click of a button. With the $100+ prices of some rare PSX RPG's I think that's more than fair to have unlimited access!

    Note: I don't know prices yet, that's just a personal hope of mine for pricing haha.
  2. Right there with ya man. I post something positive and people talk about how it will be delayed, gimped, GAME DROUGHT!!!11 It's getting tiresome to say the least!

    Since nobody else seems to want to hear it, send me a PM or something when you have had more time with the service. It seems amazing!
  3. I was about to ask you the same thing!

    It's frustrating, they've gone radio silent with the release. You'd think they would at least give an update on their Facebook page, but I haven't seen any activity at all. I'll keep checking and let you know if I hear anything.
  4. Where is Pier Solar HD?
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