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  1. Sorry - I was out of town for a while there!

    1. No idea how much it'll cost. My gut tells me $40, since it will be a full retail game, but I could be wrong.

    2. Online is not required. I think you basically join up with other people's solo campaign, so online and solo is one and the same. I don't remember where I read that, but there ya have it - trust me if you dare!

    3. I think so?

    4. Haven't heard much about Playstation TV, but this game seems like it would fit perfectly. I don't think the game utilizes the back touch panel at all, so you should be golden.

    5. No.
  2. Hey, I've got a few questions about Freedom Wars for you:

    1. How much does it cost? I've seen $29.99 and $39.99 at different sites with no confirmation on what's accurate.
    2. Are we required to play online or can I solo things on my own?
    3. Can I play the story solo and then jump into missions with help from others while continuing the same story line?
    4. Any idea if this is compatible with the PS TV? (If yes, I know where I'm playing it! )
    5. Most importantly: Will you play with me?
  3. Haha don't you dare! I like hearing about it and I'm still finding time to play, just in-between Destiny sessions and looking for a job. I explain things here:

  4. My apologies man, I didn't know you were playing the Halo expansion these days. I'll keep my Vita praise to myself. =D
  5. Just enjoy the ride man! I'm glad you're enjoying it so much! I haven't had as much time to play recently since I've been enjoying the Destiny beta on my PS3. I'm glad you found you a nice woman to tame though! Make sure you keep her on a short leash...attached to the kitchen!
  6. I am absolutely blown away by how addictive Persona 4 Golden is! Between all of the after school activities, developing relationships, leveling up personas, fusing new ones...Holy Chicken McNuggets! Every day that passes I feel like I screwed up by doing one action instead of doing something with someone else. I'm not too concerned about 100%'ing this game, but I'm still wanting to take in as much as I possibly can.

    Oh, and I found my bitch. This Marie chick is bat shit crazy. She's the gal for
  7. I know them feels. I've gotta have a decent story to keep me coming back otherwise I forget about it and move on quickly.

    "I just need to find the bitchiest woman out there and make her mine...priority 1!"

    You know what the game's about! I usually go for the quiet and unassuming types. They like to get naughty! Or the one with the biggest knockers.

    I love me some Y's but I understand your complaints about the story. It really all comes together at the end but the middle parts can be 'meh' at times.
  8. Cool, sounds good man. I just need to find the bitchiest woman out there and make her mine...priority 1! Although the relationship building really hasn't started either - me, the dude that can't ride a bike, and green chick just fell into a TV.

    I was playing Ys before this...and while the combat is fun, it just feels a little grindy to me. Plus the story is just non-existent. I'll definitely finish it at some point, but I needed to mix things up a bit.
  9. I'm glad you're enjoying it! It's definitely turned into one of my favorite RPG's, but then again I've always enjoyed the Persona series so no surprise there. I'm so hyped for Persona 5 on the PS3 that I can't stand it! Let me know if you run into any tough areas or trouble in the game, I'll gladly help you out!

    There is a lot of story to get through in the beginning but I think it all sets up nicely for the 2nd half of the game.
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