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  1. She later told her friends:

    "He was quick as a mouse! In and out before I knew what was happening!"
  2. His reply:

    "She gave you a trophy for disappointment? Ohhh...I get it! She gave you a "participation trophy".

    My lap times are much faster in that kind of race.
  3. You're dead to me. Be gone, swine!

  4. You know, I actually don't own that game. It looks fun and all but idk...just couldn't get into it. Also, there are so many other games coming out that I would rather play. I know admitting that is grounds for execution around here.
  5. I can't stop playing Wonderful 101. Platinum forever!!!

    What have you been gamin' lately?
  6. All your Final Fantasy are belong to us!
  7. I'm addicted to Fusing new personas man. I don't even care what abilities they have - they just have to look ballin'

    This one passes
  8. Haha not even close! I'm probably behind you at this point. I've been watching Bakuman (an anime) in most of my spare time and going door-to-door job hunting when I'm not at home.
  9. How far have you gotten in Persona 4 Golden? Did you beat it?
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