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  1. ohhhh.
  2. Metroid ain't fake, it is coming, either for 3DS or Wii U, I truly believe that, but my take on Metroid in Dire Evolution
    is fake yes. I've been crafting Metroid ideas for a while now & have many more that I think would resonate w/ fans.
    That's why I like to share them. Wart figure is prob fake too, but I could see that happening as it would make a lot
    of sense, especially the crown being an item in Mario Kart 8 because Wart wears a crown, but it's doubtful.
  3. oh, so both are fake or the wart thing is real but metroid isnt
  4. Haha, Metroid: Dire Evolution was indeed clickbait, just some of my own ideas that I wish
    would come to fruition. I even like the title, but I was just playing around, but the wart figurine if you saw
    the thread was mentioned by someone on
  5. where do you get your info
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