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  1. Cool, when im done watching the Ace Attorney segment at the TGS ill shoot them off to you.
  2. I don't mind answering any questions I can. Go ahead and shoot them over to me in PM.
  3. lol xD

    Well that knowledge would probably be better than mine, I am trying to get some information before I make a DGS analysis video and was wondering if I could ask you a few questions about the period and tell me if you could answer them or not.
  4. I'm not jw <_<

    However, I'm more familiar through "passive" history (anime and manga) and relatively minor study on the subject through History Channel and a few books on the subject. I've surprised a few Japanese immigrants with my, admittedly, general and amateurish knowledge, though.
  5. Hey jw how extensive is your knowledge on history during the Meiji period in Japan?
  6. I haven't watched the anime since Cartoon Network aired it years and years ago... I'm "almost" caught up in the manga. By "almost" I mean I'm a few chapters behind. I tend to let a few updates slip by just because I want to read an entire case at a time. Shinichi and Ran are such a cute couple that the cases in between story progress really start to feel like "too much" filler. The cast has also grown a lot recently, and new couples keep springing up.
  7. Hah I just realized that I have a long way to go with Case Closed, I have been watching the sub off and on after finishing the dub, I just can't get use to it...but yeah I do wish at times they would have more interaction between Jimmy and Rachel you really only get to see it in the movies which I am always a sucker for.
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