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  1. Haven't actually used that one, but I suppose I could.
  2. Well what about the Xbox app? I have that too.
  3. I'm lame like that I use Windows Phone
  4. I think it's high time you download the PlayStation app on your phone so you can see incoming messages.
  5. Well there's a splatfest this saturday...
    But not sure how much I'll be able to play this weekend.
    Worst case scenario I can't play for more than an hour, best case I got the entire weekend free
  6. I'm at work but I'll hit you up Friday or this weekend if I see you on.
  7. My token of appreciation means nothing to you then
    Well anywho I live with GNC now.
    We have a business together, making bank.
    You can find me at the Fountain if need be
  8. A cookie sounds great. As long as you didn't make it yourself... I know where those monkey hands have been and what you have flung around with them! I thought it was more of a trial separation
  9. I remember a time when you used to post, good times good times.
    What you want cookie or something?
    You were the one who wanted a divorce, smh
  10. Wow, talk about moving on fast. The lawyers haven't even finished the paperwork yet, and here you are with hbeb behind my back! I also remember when you used to like my posts. Feels bad man
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