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  1. Shake it like a salt shaker!
  2. Wow!! The SALT IS REAL!!!!!
  3. Don't worry about ever logging on for us. Just stay away. We are only your second family. :-(
  4. This music gets me pumped!!

  5. Jus......we kang!
  6. Sounds good! I'm not great either, but we can co-op the games!
  7. Of course, though not what't I'd call "great" at it.

    When I get home I'll send you a list of my current and future games for the year on each format!
  8. Nice!! I'm actually kind of getting a little burnt out on PS4 games and missing some of the Xbox One exclusives. I won't sell it this time, even for a Switch II! I hope you like Gears of War!
  9. Oh damn! Now I HAVE to get one!!!!! hahahahahahahahaha
  10. So after pondering it for a bit... I decided, screw it! I'm getting an Xbox One X at launch haha.
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