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  1. I'll set this place on fire, just like Obi Wan did to Anakin
  2. Oh...I'll bring it all right my "upside-down world" friend!!!
  3. Some friend, huh?
    No currs were given
    You best bring it, mate
  4. It only took........................................this long........"friend"!

  5. Why thank you, it's probably one of the better ones I've had tbh and yet it's not perfect
    Couldn't really think of a more suitable word for myself and my avatar than that XD
  6. By the way.....EPIC, UnEpic Avatar my friend!
  7. LMAO

    One for all, all for one gotcha. I forgots =p
    No Monkey nor man left behind,
  8. DAMNIT MAN....don't you know I stick up for AAALLLLL MONKEYS!!!!!!!!!

  9. You know... you're the first one to ever bring it up...
    I was wondering if anyone was going to mention anything about or not it in all honesty.
    I ran the picture through a pixelation process and then lowered the opacity of it to be in the distorted state it is in now

    I was trying to see if anyone noticed or cared really tbh

    Fun fact though my picture is actually based of that very same pic shown
    Anyways I guess I'll upload the real version now
    And thanks for noticing/sticking out for me
  10. Hey there monkey! I saw that your Avatar was looking a bit..."fuzzy". If you'd like you can try this one. Not trying to intrude on your style or anything...

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