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  1. LOL I'm not mad - I like giving people a hard time
  2. Ahhh...well I hope he gets better soon! I knew I hadn't heard anything on it in awhile.
  3. I think the beta is suppose to launch this week. The main developer has some sort of health issues, and he's been battling some nasty symptoms this summer, so things have been going slower than anticipated.
  4. Any news on Hyper Light Drifter?
  5. Nope - no next gen console for me. Just underpowered Wii U (N64 graphics)
  6. Do you have Destiny?
  7. Me too, and as great as this DLC is I still doubt I'll pick it up. For me, it's just basic principle. I purchase games one time. If a developer/publisher can't include all of the content necessary on day one then why should I be punished down the road? (I'm not accusing Nintendo of doing this, their DLC is a fantastic deal compared to other companies.)
  8. yeah I'm excited to see how the tracks look. That's the only reason I'll be purchasing the packs. I loathe DLC
  9. That Mario Kart 8 DLC is nice!
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