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  1. Hey Jerb
  2. <3
  3. Things are good on my end! Yeah, we moved a while back and have been enjoying the new house. I took today and spent most of it doing yard work so I'm tired as hell but have a nice and relaxing evening planned. I've started working out again myself. Well, not literally, but I did join a gym yesterday so I have the option if I want to go. (I definitely need to!) How's your summer break been? Has life been treating you well?
  4. Things are alright. Stressin' like hell but keepin' on and movin' forward. Playing music and trying to stay relaxed (yoga really helps with that haha) and exercising more.... which sucks, cause I didn't sleep last night and just got off work and now it's leg day. ;_;

    Have you moved yet? I can't remember. How are things?
  5. Hey man! How are things?
  6. ohaithar
  7. Yerba!!!
  8. I'll definitely do that. Maybe tonight. I guess my vow of silence is on hiatus because Fatal Frame.
  9. I know how it is though. But if you ever do get a chance to at least send me an update on how life has been for you during the past month I'd appreciate it! I hope you've been doing well.
  10. Unacceptable!

    Just kidding....seriously though....completely unacceptable.
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