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  1. Did your Slave Zero work okay?
  2. I didn't know a lot of that stuff about his origin. Except for the new 52 storyline, is that all how it was originally conceived, or is it a newer version? Is he in the Justice League again, or does he have his own comic? (I know he wasn't in the original new 52 JL).
  3. As it turns out, Booster's rep as a goofball sellout is a prime asset. Since nobody takes him seriously he's an ideal secret weapon. But the catch is this : nobody can ever know, since it'll blow his cover. So the world's biggest gloryhog is forced to save the day...quietly. He tries to alter the timeline, even enlisting his current day grandfather, but he's forced to accept his new role as the greatest hero you never heard of. A couple of things I found interesting about BG were: his name is John Carter. He's a disgraced football star. Coincidentally, Skeets is shaped like a football. He grew up in Gotham, but chose to set up shop in the present day Metropolis. And don't forget he stole half of his gear from the Legion of Super-Heroes. He's a fun character and I'm glad he got a second chance to shine. There was an episode of JLU entitled "The greatest story never told!" that was pretty nice.
  4. But, back to Booster Gold. In DC'S 52! Series Booster is initially on top of the world... and exploiting it! With Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman sidelined temporarily and Skeets, his robot buddy feeding him tips Booster is high on the hog, even paying actors to play super villains! But Skeets' future knowledge gets spotty, and a new hero shows up, Supernova! I'll avoid spoilers, but suffice it to say Booster falls hard. Afterwards, Rip Hunter, the worlds foremost time traveler, talks to Booster and tells him he's the most important person in history... but nobody can know it!
  5. Geoff Johns, who is now a bigwig at DC had the magic touch for awhile. He explained that Parallax was actually an entity that fed on fear. He was imprisoned in the central battery on OA and was the basis of the yellow impurity. Basically, Sinestro sicced this beast onto Hal Jordan, slowly turning him, and giving him white temples BTW! It tied everything together very well and almost made it look deliberate. He also did a great job on Hawkman, saying that he is reincarnated after every death, and that makes him both the most cultured man on Earth, but he's also a savage, brutal man at times. That explains his interest in archaeology (he's reliving the past) and why he thinks a mace is a good crime fighting tool.
  6. The Spidey/Booster similarities have occurred to me, too. It is an interesting concept for a character. And a lot different than the Wonder Man stories. WM was way more low key, and just thought it would be cool to be an actor. Booster is totally out there. Is Booster Gold still around, by the way? I know they've retconned and reimagined Blue Beetle a lot, so they probably aren't friends anymore (if Booster is still around). The Connor Hawke stories began right around the time I quit comics, I think. I know I read a bunch of them, and yeah, they were very good. It makes sense that Hal Jordan was possessed. That's actually a pretty good explanation for all that nonsense. It seemed totally bizarre when it happened. At least we got Kyle Rainer out of that mess. That's a great character, and about a million times more interesting than Hal. Actually, I find all the other Earth Lanterns (Rainer, Stewart, Gardner) to be more interesting than Hal. And that Batman stuff...
  7. But to me the most interesting replacement character was Connor Hawke, Green Arrow II. Son of the first GA he was a skilled but not naturally talented archer. What he excelled at was martial arts, but he was a buddhist monk who didn't care for violence. He was also shy around girls, so there was speculation he might be gay. Kinda passe, now, but big stuff then. I also got into the Legion of Super Heroes about that time. I liked how they were... sunny.
    I would say though my favorite "re-imagining" of a super hero is easily Booster Gold. I hated him at first, he was basically Gordon Gecko. But he's still interesting, and his backstory kind of mirrored Pete Rose. It's an interesting concept, superhero as a celebrity, superhero as maybe a fraud. They sort of did that With Wonder Man being an actor, but not this much. Booster is actually not very likable. Imagine expanding Spider-Man' s early money attempts into an entire character concept?
  8. It's a mixed bag. The Lantern stuff, I mean. It just felt rushed and forced into the crossover du jour, which was disappointing. One of the big WTF things for me with the DC reboot was everybody got reset...except Batman. So in the new timeline he's burnt through a Robin every two years or so.. ? That's bananas! My favorite Robin was the second one, and not just because we share a surname. He called Batman out on being a butthead. I admire Tim Drake, Robin 3, but I identified with Jason because he seemed more like a real teenager, which at the time I could identity with. But back to the Lantern thing.. in the 90's it was fashionable to kill off/disable an established hero and replace him with a hip, edgier version. So Hal Jordan went nuts (later it was explained, and not badly, I might add) that he was possessed. It was a rare case of a retcon being good. So his replacement was a hip young artist who... was not without merit. It was neat to get in on the ground floor, you know?
  9. They always have to tinker and tinker, don't they? Can't leave a good story well enough alone. I've seen some of the direct to DVD stuff--we've bought a few, and those things actually turn up on HBO Family from time to time--and from what I've seen, they range from good to downright terrible. Which is weird because Justice League is one of the best cartoon series ever. I've never seen any of the Marvel direct to video stuff, but it all looks pretty bad. I've seen the series they've put on Disney, though. I knew there were Red Lanterns in the GL series, as the little one watched it, but I never checked it out myself, and definitely didn't know there were tons of different colored Lanterns in the books. So there was one who created kind of an undead spy squad of heroes, huh? That sounds kind of cool.
  10. So it wasn't all bad, it just felt rushed. The GL series on NF was pretty good, if you want to check that out. It ran for something like 26 episodes and dips into the idea. And I agree, Marvel is killing DC at the box office. Even DC's direct to DVD animated stuff isn't especially good. TBF, Marvel doesn't seem to have a grip on that either. I don't understand why that is so hard though. In most cases these are adaptations, meaning all you have to do is not ​screw it up. And then they do. And I'm not a huge stickler for details or even big changes if it makes for a good story. But it's always minor stuff or goofy artstyles... I dunno.
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