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  1. Yeah haha I was waiting on it to turn weird so I could see his reaction
  2. My favorite part is Dan saying he was hoping for a sexy twist, not a scary one lol
  3. Yes I have watched every episode so far hahah
  4. Did you keep up with the Grumps' Doki Doki playthrough? I'm starting to binge it, but I skipped ahead to episode 20 to see Dan's reaction.
  5. I can't find a thread she made about it... We were a little off topic, but that's pretty much the norm for this forum lol
  6. The thread she made about frozenbyte. She made one after I made one, and everything got moved from mine into hers, i'm not bothered, still don't know why it was done though. Or maybe i'm just getting a bit confused. Pretty sure that's what happened though.
  7. What is GameNChick's thread?
  8. I don't know, I didn't even know trolling was happening. I left and there was about 5 posts on it and I came back, it was locked and every post apart from my original one had been moved to gamenchick's thread. Where people trolling, I really don't remember.
  9. Why did your frozenbyte thread get locked? Did the trolling thing get outta hand?
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