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  1. Party time?! But yeah my shiney new red name is awesome
  2. Congratulations on the promotion, Kahhhhyle. It's well deserved, and a long time coming.
  3. Awesome. I'm completely fine with that.
  4. I think FlamingFury said he just presses Enter and Backspace, and it fixes it. Personally, I don't use WYSIWYG mode, and I never have the issue. If you want to turn that off, just make sure the icon on the very left of the editor that looks like "A/A" is turned off. But if you turn that off, you won't see things like bold or italic text. You'll see the code tags for them instead.
  5. Alright I know you said it a bunch and I'm sorry to make you repeat it... Buuuut do you remember how to fix the spacing thing we had a while back? I never fixed mine on my PC lol
  6. I'm starting to agree. What's up with our mods, man? None of them are around anymore. It's going to turn into a free for all again. I'm not going to ask to get back on board, though.
  7. Dude right now is one of those times you being a mod would be really helpful
  8. That's awesome. Hopefully they'll bring the rest. It's looking like they were serious when they said they're going to start bringing XB1 games to PC. I just wish they'd bring Rare Replay over, but I doubt if that's happening.
  9. So did you see Microsoft is bringing Halo 5 Forge to PC? Maybe the rest of the game might will PC at some point too.
  10. Another one for the history books.
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