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  1. I just now paid close enough attention to your avatar to get it.
  2. Lol. Like I said in one thread, I was starting to feel special until I saw you're "Liking" every freakin post in the forum.
  3. nice. the vocalist for the metal band i played drums in is about 10 years older than me (i'm 28 in july) and he still gets in the pit. once a metalhead always a metalhead \m/
  4. It's great lyrics. And in my younger days, I would have absolutely loved the music, too. There was a time that I used to be the life of the mosh pit, but I've mellowed out a little in the last decade or so.
  5. That's awesome, man. I'll check it out.
  6. haha. God has used them incredibly in my life. they're a big reason why i've grown closer to Him the last 9 years or so. check out the lyrics for "The Fear of God".
  7. Yeah, I looked them up on Wikipedia after your first message. I read about some of the controversy. I think they're probably evil and they backmask their devil messages into their music.
  8. it's funny you mention marilyn manson. showbread's singer josh dies is partially inspired by manson's stage look and presence. the band actually catches a lot of flack for it (among other things) because they're a Christian band.
  9. Just went back and looked, and the two that I checked out were Mouth Like a Magazine, and Lost Connection With the Head. Lost Connection With the Head was the first one I listened to, and at first I was wondering if they were like a Marilyn Manson sound, but I don't think so.
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