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  1. Missed ya too, buddy.
  2. Yeah I am trying to fix it but I don't think I have that picture anyomore...
  3. What happened to your avatar? Didn't you have a Cloud avatar?
  4. Yeah I never liked it either. Whenever I play the game again with a new character I think I am going to go all melee. That way I won't have to really worry about ammunition and stuff.
  5. I ran out of power before I ever even got to Diamond City. But now I see that I had cores, and I just couldn't find them. I actually didn't like the suit. I still got clocked even when I was wearing it, and it just seemed clunky. I might go back where I left it and try it out again, though.
  6. I loved when I first got to Diamond City. Do you use your power armor a lot? It's supposed to help a bunch, but I rarely used it. Of course you have to find the power cores or whatever for it, but I think part of the reason I struggled so much at the beginning is because I never really used it unless the game forced it.
  7. I'm liking it. It got a lot more interesting once I got to Diamond City. I'm not liking it nearly as well as Skyrim, though. But it's fun.
  8. How're you liking Fallout 4 man?
  9. Ah, okay. I just beat the first one for the first time
    Good game. I was wondering if there is anyone from the first game on the second game. I know it is a new protagonist and everything.
  10. No, I haven't. I think it looks cool, but I probably won't get it until it's cheap.
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