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  1. Everybody was claiming there would be a power boost because the hardware isn't throttled when it's plugged into A/C. But it looks like that may not be the case.
  2. I thought the dock was just a splitter, like the PS VR box. I don't think there's any increase in power when you put it in the dock.
  3. You should have made a thread. It's probably the way they recorded it, but the handheld footage looked like crap compared to TV mode. But the frame rate thing makes me think there isn't really a power boost when it's docked. It's struggling with the slightly higher res.
  4. Apparently TV mode BOTW runs worse than the handhelds version.
  5. Whatever it is will be slightly more powerful than the PS4, but way less powerful than the PS4 Pro.
  6. Nah, it'll probably be in between Xbone and PS4 since I think they'll continue the hybrid theme.
  7. Do you seriously believe that?
  8. You're actually probably right about that. I'll cut them some slack and say it's at least as strong as a PS4 Pro.
  9. Whether it's Switch-like or not, it will have OG PS4 specs.
  10. Next Nintendo console will be a Switch-like device with OG PS4 specs.
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