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  1. You are correct, sir! The mechon are the closest Xenoblade Chronicles gets to mechs. I really feel the game handles ups and downs rather well with sprinkles of absolute epic throughout.

    Also, thanks!
  2. I'm playing through Xenoblade on the 3DS and I'm glad I gave it another chance. I just fought one of the Mechon's with faces and he took Juju so I'm not that far but I'm definitely having a great time. There aren't mechs in this one like in X, right? Also congrats on the guide position!
  3. It looks like pre-rendered versus in-game footage, honestly.
  4. What do you think of the Xenoblade graphics "downgrade"? I would post a thread asking about it but I'd probably get flamed lol
  5. It's still sealed for now, but I'm not really a NBO collector. I will end up finding a dome for it and putting it on display at some point. It is nice though! Thanks
  6. Right on. How's that Skull Kid statue treating ya? Did you open it or keep it sealed?
  7. I certainly did. Got my Majora's Mask pin and everything. Won't be able to play the game for a day or three.
  8. Did you pick up Code Name Steam? I did just for that Majora's Mask pin, lol.
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