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  1. I like quietly behind the scenes
  2. You know......I can't BELIEVE we ALLOWED someone with absolutely Z E R O likes GIVEN to be a frickin' GUIDE!!!!!!

  3. A month sound long as I can actually REMEMBER!
  4. I do like the "NEW" annotation. I suppose a month (or until the next review?) would be appropriate. I left some requests in the thread as I did not see this message right away.
  5. Hey, I just updated your Draco Breach Reviews thread and added your latest reviews to your 1st post. If you need in the future why don't you give me a heads-up on when your posting new reviews and I'll update them for you. I do it for ZyroXZ2 so it's no big deal at all, and if you like the "NEW" annotation next to the ones I just added let me know how long you'd like them indicated as such, maybe changing them once your next review/reviews are posted!
  6. I Just did my BEST "Drum-Roll" for ya! Hope your ready to post some reviews dude!
  7. Extra-coolness!!!

    You've been holding out us man!!!! We know...WE ALWAYS KNOW!!!!!
  8. Silly hobitses!

    In either case, prepare for a bit of a, ehrm, dump then. 4/5 ready, actually. Surprisingly.
  9. Freak!

    Sorry to hear about the sudden death of the top of your lap.....sounds painful and emasculating!

    REVIEWS huh? COOL!!! Looking forward to some more friend!
  10. Well, I've been lurking on Wii U forums mainly from work because my laptop died. I've had this new one for a while, but I've mainly been catching up on translating notes into reviews. As such, I've kinda neglected actually logging on and...doing stuff /ninja
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