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  1. Miss ya man.
  2. Then last night was our shot. Best pitcher on the mound, we acquired him exactly for that. 1 run lead we have runners on 2nd and 3rd and DON’T score. Pretty much lost the game right there. Was disappointed Verlander didn’t go 9 scoreless lol but he’s human so it is what it is... After tonight, it’ll be all gaming for me and goodbye sports that are taking off years of my life lol.
  3. Dodgers will win. No way we beat them in a do or die game in LA with that bullpen and with Kershaw ready to relieve. Not to mention all the motivation Gurriel gave Darvish to work with. I expect that they will sadly blow us out. Oh well. When we do lose tonight, I think I’m going to give up sports because man I’ve never been so stressed and so angry at a game as I have been many of the games in this series. Game 1 I expected a loss and I didn’t feel bad. Game 2 was a heart attack game and I was so pissed we kept getting them back in the game. Game 3 was good. Game 4 was ridiculous and annoying especially throwing Giles out there on a platter. Game 5 was more of the same as game 2, an insane intense game that had me foaming at the mouth until the win.
  4. Yeah, that sucked. One more shot, though!
  5. Didn't see that in the sports news. That's weird. Anyhoo, you guys are right up against it now. Good luck.
  6. Gurriel used his fingers to squint his eyes and used some racial slur. Supposedly, in Cuba the slur he used isn’t considered disrespectful. But squinting his eyes was. He has since apologized, but I just wish he wouldn’t have done this. This all happened in the dugout though and the cameras caught it.
  7. I only saw the last three innings. What exactly went on?
  8. Did you see what Yuli did though? Supposedly he was doing a racial slur gesture at Darvish. I saw it, I’m hoping it isn’t what it looks like.. We can’t be doing stuff like that. Two wins away though, but a lot more work needs to be done. I hope we do this thing.
  9. Go Astros! That was great!
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