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  1. Good list man! I am thinking Metro will be fun it is pretty cheap too. I have Metro 2033 on steam but I never go into it. I hope Last Light is better. I really want to try ESO as well next month. I was apart of that Beta on PC. I enjoyed it. I am curious how the MMO will work on a console.
  2. Good call! Don't listen to the pesimists. The PS4 really does have a lot of great games out for it.

    - NBA 2k15
    - Shadow of Mordor
    - Dragon Age
    - GTA V
    - Final Fantasy Type-0
    - Witcher 3 (soon)
    - Pier Solar HD (Indie)
    - Infamous Second Son
    - Infamous First Light
    - Metro Redux
    - Sleeping Dogs
    - Shovel Knight (Indie)

    Yeah, some are remasters but the advantage is if you missed out on them the first time (like I did) then you get to experience the definitive editions with enhanced graphics, better online play and all DLC included! Make sure you add me when you get your PS4!
  3. Perfect. I am planning on picking one up in a week or two.
  4. I have a PS4. Feel free to add me, my PSN is jrb363!
  5. Oh Yea I can definitely understand that. Easy check, no hassle of owning the company. I can't remember do you have an Xbox1 or a PS4?
  6. It sure is a lot of work! Sometimes it's a bit too much but then I remind myself that it's all to better myself and my future and I keep going. I'm not really interested in making games. I think the Indie scene is far too crowded as it is so I would rather just work for a medium-large company and keep their IT/Network systems running smoothly.

    Plus the pay will probably be better with much improved job security.
  7. Man that is a lot of work. Sounds like it is really a good stepping stone for a long term career. I wish I new all the technical lingo behind that but I do not. You interested in making games someday?
  8. Thanks, I don't mind talking about what I'm doing now. It's not much but at least I'm not sitting back and letting myself fall apart. So that's something I guess. Yeah, well I'm trying to get certified in the Microsoft Suite which is the 'Big 4' of Excel, Word, Outlook and Powerpoint. I have a Business Administration degree so I figure having an official certification will help in the job hunt.

    Also, you're correct, I am looking at working in IT but to do that I'm studying for my A+ exam. (1500 glorious pages of torture ) I do enjoy it though and I'm learning a lot. It sure is keeping me busy! I would probably start off in a help desk position or on the phone. From there I can move into Networking, on-call service, management, etc. Lots of different areas, especially since I have a 4-year college degree to go with my certifications.
  9. I think it is good to talk about it. I understand you have been through a lot. Sounds like you have been really busy which is good. What exactly can you do after you get the certification? Work in some IT department?
  10. Unfortunately not a lot worth writing home about. Still trying to properly pick myself up again. Looking for work, taking some educational courses to better my chances (Microsoft IT Certification stuff), and working out 2 hours nearly every day (no lie, in the best shape I've been in since ~2011) not much.

    Mainly just trying to improve myself a little at a time so my self image can get better and so that I'm prepared mentally and physically when someone decides to give me a chance. (With work, love, enjoying life, friendship, etc.)

    Sorry if TMI but yeah...just trying to prevent my situation from getting any worse. (Not sure if it can but I'm scared to find out.)
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