Formula 1 All Stars is a racing game for the Wii U focusing on F1 racing. The game will feature F1 racing events spread over a career mode, single races, multiplayer and more. Not much is known about Formula 1 All Stars for the Wii U, but the first reports suggest that the game will be based more around arcade racing than hard core simulation. The game is in development at Codemasters, who are known for their racing series, including Dirt, which is a Wii U bound rally racing game. Formula 1 All Stars is the third Wii U racing game to be revealed, the first one being Project Cars and the second one being another Codemasters title: Dirt.

Formula 1 All Stars gameplay and features

Formula 1 All Stars
Formula 1 All Stars gameplay will be “light” and based more on arcade type racing than simulation, according to a report. Players will still have a career mode guiding them through the 20-something Formula 1 season races throughout the world. However, it is unknown whether the game will utilize fully authentic and licensed car makers and drivers, like Ferrari and Fernando Alonso, or whether the game will use fictional drivers and brands. However, the race tracks are expected to stay true to their real world counterparts, including classics tracks such as Silverstone, Mugello, and the famous Monaco Grand Prix.

  • Matt

    A joke i wont be buying it the wiiu needs a sim F1 racing game how stupid i cant believe this is true why an earth would any1 buy a F1 game that is arcade style what an EPIC FAIL i wouldnt buy it thats for sure Project Cars it is then SORRY CODEMASTERS EPIC FAIL and i cant believe you are not talking the wiiu serious it deserves the definitive F1 sim with panaramic controls in the pits ect and DX11 comparable graphics not interested.

  • Bob

    I am gonna take a guess Matt isn’t the demographiic the Codemasters are going after here.
    I have 2 girls under 10 years old and I am a huge open wheel fan. This type of experience is just what I will bring home for my kiddies.

    • Mshenay

      Yea I feel you, I can see where Matt is coming from but Code Masters has made some great arcade style games! Race Driver Grid was nice, still though Formula Racing is aimed at usually more mature audiences… when I was younger I couldn’t stand any racing game that wasn’t Need For Speed or some cheesy cartoon themed racer, so again I can see where he’d rather have a sim style… still though props to you for raising daughters than enjoy Formula one :3

  • Bazinga

    why no f1 race stars on wiiu codemasters suck.. i not buy this crap