Feb 28th, 2014

Yesterday we told you that Italian developer MixedBag is bringing a new title to the Wii U. Today, we learned that title is forma.8, with a launch trailer you can watch above. Aside from the Wii U, the game is also launching on PlayStation 4, PS Vita, iOS, PC, Mac, and Linux. The game looks like a mixture of physics-based puzzles and a slight hint of shoot’em up, while the music from the trailer is absolutely fabulous. You should watch it for that, alone. Here’s how the developer describes the game:

  • an expansive world
  • everything is physics based
  • exploration
  • puzzles
  • secrets to uncover
  • an intriguing and mysterious story
  • lots of enemies
  • lots of BIG enemies
  • some even BIGGER enemies
  • …and all the power-ups you need to take care of them and to avoid all the nasty stuff you’ll face on a remote, alien planet
  • 60 frames per second of superfluid action

MixedBag is a two-man indie studio so this is quite an ambitious project from the duo. You can check out more screenshots of the game below, and stay tuned as we’ll likely have more information from the team as the game develops. Currently there’s no release date for the title.

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  • RyuNoHadouken

    break out the shovels….

    • Daniel Gonzalez

      I have mine.

      • RyuNoHadouken


  • Shinigami King

    This kind of reminds me of insanely twisted shadow planet which, in my opinion, is good. I love the aesthetic, physic puzzle games are great and this looks as though this may be a bit of a metroidvania which pleases me a great deal.

  • steveb944

    Cool music, looks decent, but there better be a boost upgrade cuz that’s painfully slow.

  • jeffp3456

    Looks good, reminds me of Loco Roco on PSP

  • cthreep

    The shadowy foreground and the colorful background remind me of that mobile game Badlands.

    • BIG Franky

      yeah… I thought it had a Badlands vibe to it too….

    • val berger

      Since Limbo there are quite some games coming in that style. But it’s OK I guess as all of em differ on a gameplay level.

    • Josiah Parsons

      Word! It also reminds me of Chasing Aurora.

  • I saw Metroids in the beginning… or something like it, love the music for sure. Does have a bitish of a Metroid and Castevania sound to it, I’ll keep my eyes peeled on this one, looks to be a worthy title.

  • Capt. Smoker

    Looks a bit too pointless for my liking

  • Carlos Webster

    So, nintendo (with wii u), Sony ( with PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita), Apple (with iOS and Mac OS X), Microsoft (with Windows), and the Community that made Linux are all getting this game on those platforms of theirs. Okay. P.S. By Mac OS X I mean Mac (because that’s the Mac’s current OS), and by Windows I mean PC (Since that’s the PC’s OS).

  • Daniel Schwarz

    Love the artistic direction. Very pretty looking game.

  • GregoryTheRainMaker

    The music is addicting!

  • Fuzunga

    So basically it’s “Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet”?