Apr 11th, 2017

A new Q&A from Zoink CEO Klaus Lyngeled and Community Manager Alexandra Dahlberg has answered a few questions about their upcoming Nintendo Switch game, Flipping Death.

First thing’s first: Flipping Death will be getting a physical cart. The studio is currently working on all of the behind-the-scenes talks that’ll make that happen, but rest assured, it’s happening.

In regards to the gameplay itself, Lyngeled says the game is more akin to their first game, Stick It To the Man, than it is their sophomore title, Zombie Vikings. This means more platforming elements and nill beat-em-up action. The core gameplay mechanics involve hopping between the worlds of the living and dead, controlling living when necessary to solve puzzles and advance toward your overall objective: figure out how you died. Platforming will be the crux of your time in the world of the dead, as you’ll use a scythe and teleporting ability to make traversal easier.

Apparently, it’s even more playful than Stick It, so hopefully, that means they’ve taken the humor we saw in that game and dialled it up a few notches.

Flipping Death will also support HD Rumble.

In the interview, Lyngeled states that the studio is looking into porting Zombie Vikings and Stick It To The Man to the Switch. It’s worth noting that from what we’ve seen, they already have Zombie Vikings running on the Switch, as we saw a few months ago.

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