Feb 11th, 2013

With the recent release of the incredible Hyrule Historia, Nintendo has finally presented an (almost) cohesive narrative that ties together all games in the Legend of Zelda series.

First of all, you’re not fooling anybody Nintendo.

Zelda games have never had narrative at their core, focusing instead on items, enemies, environments and characters first, pretty much in that order. Instead, the narrative has taken the form of a handful of interconnected mythical elements that have repeated again and again in each game. This of course made it very easy to shoehorn the lot of them into a singular narrative as the games got more popular and as technology drove the need for grander storytelling – especially since that story mostly hinges on the same event happening again and again throughout time.

When the idea was formed for a sword that split the hero into four heroes I would doubt much consideration went into how the artefact would effect Zelda lore. However Nintendo’s tact has changed a bit of late and when crafting the story of Skyward Sword – in which a justification for the repeating legend is literally spelled out as the finale – a focus on a rich story across games is clearly apparent. The brilliant story presented as part of Hyrule Historia is the latest proof of that focus, and the narrative inserts and redirects story elements into the oldest of games, and even into the ridiculous Four Swords.

Nintendo’s new-found desire to present a grand interconnected narrative, as well as their desire to foster a greater connection between gamers and the Zelda universe, is interesting insomuch as it gives us insight into the company’s current attitude towards the game and importantly, into where the series may be set to go on Wii U.

There’s plenty within Hyrule Historia that’s interesting and noteworthy, but after reading the History of Hyrule section of the book very very closely, I’m keen to share some details that stood out to me as those which might contain traces of future legends.


Be warned that the rest of this article is filled with Ocarina of Time spoilers, and each section contains spoilers for the respective games listed in the headings too. So if you haven’t played them yet, read with caution.


1. Parts of The Legend of Zelda and Zelda II: Adventure of Link happen concurrently.

If you’ve seen the timeline in the book you know that the first two games that were released actually make up the conclusion of one of the three Legend of Zelda timelines. Assuming the Hero fails to defeat Ganon during Ocarina of Time, the world is split between light and dark in A Link to the Past and ends with The Legend of Zelda and Zelda II: Adventure of Link.

What you may have missed is that the timeline between these two games is muddled up. The backstory of Zelda II – a young prince is jealous that his sister Zelda has been chosen to receive the power of the triforce and sends her into a magical sleep for all time – actually takes place long before The Legend of Zelda. Then come the events of that game, in which a young man rescues a different Zelda and proves himself worthy. In Zelda II, the same hero is on a quest to reawaken the sleeping princess, who by now has been under her spell for an age. Of course he eventually completes this quest, meaning the triforce is safe from evil and two Zeldas plus Link are free to wield it in order to usher in an age of prosperity.

So why go for such a convoluted story linking the two games? One thing worth noticing about the official chronology is that all three timelines end in very interesting situations. In this particular timeline, a still-young hero and an ancient but beautiful princess have restored the power of gods to Hyrule after a millennia of struggle. It’s rare in the Zelda universe that the player takes control during a period where the main characters already know about the triforce and their destinies, but if Nintendo ever wanted that to happen this would be the perfect timeline to slot such a game in to.


2. The shade in Twilight Princess is actually Link from Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask

Twilight Princess is in a different timeline entirely, the one in which the Hero succeeds in Ocarina of Time and goes back to his childhood to warn Zelda and prevent any of it from happening in the first place. He then goes through the trials contained in Majora’s Mask, again wiping the trail of time clean behind him.

Twilight Princess takes place a long time afterwards. Ganondorf has been executed but is about to return, and so a new descendant of the Hero of Time is also born, in the form of the game’s playable character. He is helped along by the shade of an ancient warrior, who it is hinted is a previous descendant of the bloodline but who Hyrule Historia confirms to actually be the original Hero you play as in Ocarina.

The book explains that the original Hero is peeved because his time-travel resulted in nobody remembering him as the great champion he actually was. He pulls the most recent descendant to a spectral realm to teach him the secrets of swordplay specifically so he can live on vicariously as a true and respected hero.

It’s no coincidence that the games current players have had the most exposure to – Ocarina of Time, Twilight Princess and The Wind Waker – are at the centre of events detailed in Hyrule Historia. All the other games fan out either forward or backwards in time from the central events of Ocarina, the Hero of which has more or less been cast as the central hero of the entire saga. Will he make yet another appearance in the Wii U game?


3. Four Sword likely to feature in a future game

The Four Sword is the most obvious case of an aspect of Zelda lore making for a much better gameplay mechanic than a story device. This didn’t stop Nintendo featuring the sword heavily in the chronology though, as the original GBA Four Swords serves as a very important lead-in to Ocarina of Time, and GameCube’s Four Swords Adventures caps off the events of Twilight Princess to bring one timeline full-circle.

Of the three timelines, the one ending in Four Swords Adventures is the most open to further storytelling. Vaati’s dead although Ganon is more or less still around and desperate for power. The tragedy of the game is that very few people played it owing to the need for four GBA systems, a GameCube and link cables to play the game as intended. Could the Wii U console, with a separate secondary screen and the possibility for 3DS connectivity, solve the problem by ensuring everybody could at least play two players?

The idea of a main console Zelda game featuring the Four Sword seems unlikely, but a tease in Hyrule Historia seems to indicate the mechanic will be back in a future game in some capacity.



4. Wind Waker is very closely tied to Ocarina of Time.

In the third timeline, where Ganon is sealed away after Ocarina of Time rather than executed, the demon king returns during a time with no hero, and the desperate king of Hyrule decides to flood the place. While it doesn’t seem so at the beginning of the game, The Wind Waker is a direct follow-up to the events after Ocarina, as is revealed part way through the game when Link comes upon the Sacred Realm, The Temple of Time and the submerged Hyrule Castle.

What’s interesting about the depiction of these events in Hyrule Historia is the link between games is emphasised. For example it is explained that the bird-like Ruto people and plant-like Korok’s in Wind Waker are direct evolutions of the Zora and Kokiri, their physical attributes being radically altered once the world was filled with water. Furthermore, Valoo the dragon and Jabun the fish are descendants of Volvagia and Jabu-Jabu.

It’s clear that when developing Wind Waker EAD was simply retelling the Zelda story one more time, but with water and an allusion to a long-ago Hyrule. However its framing as a definite and direct continuation in Hyrule Historia has interesting implications for a future Wii U Zelda and for the upcoming Wind Waker HD re-release. Now that almost all Nintendo fans have played Ocarina of Time on N64 or 3DS, will the tie-ins be further accentuated in the Wind Waker HD ? Could the game even be retconned with more Ocarina stuff to better fit the official chronology and connect the universe further?


5. Wind Waker is a fairly definitive end to Ganon and the Triforce.

Finishing up with a little bit more Wind Waker talk, it’s interesting to notice that the game delivers the conclusive ending that was missing from Ocarina of Time. During the final battle, as recounted in Hyrule Historia, Hyrule’s king grabs the Triforce and is deemed worthy. He wishes the kingdom away in its entirety so that future generations can be free of the cycle that was set in motion during Skyward Sword, the very first game chronologically.

Directly after his wish is granted, Link stabs Ganondorf right through the head and turns him to stone. With Ganondorf gone and no hope for a future reincarnation of the same evil, the book declares: “The curtain thus fell on the cyclical history of the sacred realm of Hyrule and the struggle for the Triforce”. The only games that take place after this in the same timeline are the two adventures that apeared on DS – Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks – although the games involved no direct reincarnations, Triforce or Ganon.

Given all this, it seems the limits of the Link-Zelda-Ganon saga, at least in this one timeline, must fall between Skyward Sword and The Windwaker. It would be a tempting prospect for Nintendo, given these will presumably be the latest two console games out when the brand new Wii U Zelda is released. Perhaps the game could take place after Hyrule is flooded but before Wind Waker. Perhaps a hero really did exist at the time before the flood, lost to history for some reason. Of course there’s every possibility that such a hero could prevent the flood and stop the events of Wind Waker (including Ganon’s defeat) from ever happening, opening the door for countless further cycles of adventure!

Hyrule Historia is a book about past Zelda games, not future ones, and the contents are still incredible to pore over even if they say nothing about where the series is heading. Since speculation is so enjoyable though:

Is there anything you saw in the book that made you immediately think of something cool that should be in a future game? How do you hope to see the history of Hyrule integrated into the brand new Wii U Zelda game currently in development? Get forecasting in the comments below.

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  • The_fuzz_buzz

    One thing that I have yet to figure out: There is a timeline where the Hero in OoT dies, I’ve beaten that game like 10 times, and never does it ever exclaim ANYTHING about him dying…

    • Sounds like the possibility of a future game to me. ūüôā

      • The_fuzz_buzz

        It’d be the only cool game where the hero dies xD Whatever Zelda does, Zelda rocks!!! xD

    • It’s just like a “what if” story, y’know? And I’m preeeeeeety sure at LEAST 1 person playing Zelda has gotten a Game Over in OoT anyway~ Lol

      • The_fuzz_buzz

        Ah, gotcha… And, I know I certainly have xD A NUMBER of times xD

    • Lord Fuse

       As far as I know, there was a failure ending in development, but it was cut.

      • The_fuzz_buzz

        Ah, I see….

      • Moshugaani

        From whence didst thou hear of this?

        • Lord Fuse

           If memory serves, it was an interview with Miyamoto. Iwata Asks, I think.

    • Metal_Man_v2

      This helped me understand A LOT better, posted about a year ago on gamefaq…

      “Zelda corrupted the timeline by sending Link back using the Ocarina. But 3 timelines are created based on the three travel points used in the game, 2 created by the sword and 1 by Zelda.

      Time Junction 1: This is the point where the Master Sword takes Link whenever Link returns the sword to the pedestal and emerges as a child in the past. Which is after Link has met Zelda and collected the Goron’s Ruby, and Zora’s Sapphire, after Zelda as fled the Palace with Impa, after Link acquires the Ocarina of Time, and after Link has pulled the sword for the first time and opened the sacred realm.

      Time Junction 2: This is the point seven years later where the Master Sword takes Link whenever Link draws the sword from the pedestal and emerges in the future as an adult.

      Time Junction 3: This is the point Zelda sends Link to, before Link has met Zelda, before he collects the Goron’s Ruby and Zora’s Sapphire, before Zelda flees the Palace with Impa and before Link acquires the Ocarina.

      When there was two connected Time Junctions (1 connected directly with 2, if Link disappeared from 1 he had to emerge in 2 and vice versa, he could always get to the other Junction as well, with no hindrances) there was no time travel paradoxes or discrepancies. But when Zelda creates a third junction point (and more than that a one way junction point), it removes the connections between the two Master Sword junctions. Link disappears from Junction 2 but instead of emerging in Junction 1 like he should, he emerges from Junction 3, meaning there is no Link in Junction 1 (so the events leading to ALTTP play out), and there is no Link in Junction 2 (so the events leading to WW play out), and the Link in junction 3 stops Ganondorf and leaves for Termina (so the events leading to MM and TP play out)Since Link has no way of returning to Junction 1, the “Link Fails” timeline must occur where Link simply vanishes after pulling the Master Sword.”-Maximum Taco of Gamefaq.

  • Nintenjoe82

    From this article I have concluded that the Wii U Zelda will feature a young adventurer saving a princess and defeating a villain. 

    I hope Nintendo carry on the story of Link to the Past for the next game. 

    • xdlugia

      I myself want a Twilight Princess sequel. I think that would be great.

  • ian cosgrove

    What I can gather from the ‘official’ timeline is that the zelda universe splintered into 3 timelines after the events of OoT. I would like to see a game that reunites the 3 timelines, I’m sure they could come up with some mystical object that exists in all 3 timelines. You essentially have Vaati, Ganon and Malladus knocking around in each, if they worked together to hatch some evil plan it could give an excuse to unite them.

    Of course one Hero might not be enough to tackle all 3 big bads, the hints from game designers right now is that they may look at multi-play in the next game – sounds like a great opportunity to resurrect the 4 swords with online play, if you can get a band of 4 players dedicated to working on a single game together that is.

    • Jeffery02


      How about what if the 3 different baddies are actually reincarnated fractions of Demise split among the timelines and, while trying to reform, pulls the 3 timelines into 1? Then there could be a single Link and Zelda getting help from countless characters along the entire game. They could also allow players to play as Link, Zelda/Sheik, Impa, or some new character that they could add.

      • ian cosgrove

        That’s a good point we already know that Ganon is the reincarnation of Demise. Although if Zelda is the incarnation of Hylia I wonder who Link is meant to be?

        Now that I think about it there is a mystical object in all 3 timelines, the master sword which contains the essence of Demise after SS.

        Maybe it’s time for Nintendo to make an epic trilogy star wars style, or just 1 big ass game. I would like to see an MMO though, Hylian Wars?

        • Jeffery02

          Link always seemed like a byproduct of the other 2 forces. He is the neutral judgement that tips the balance back when things get unbalanced. He is the 3rd force independent of the others. There is something about him that even Hylia never had herself. That is why he is the third Triforce, the Triforce that doesn’t grant power but is granted to the one who has their own power within. That is what I think at least.

  • Wayne Beck

    I thought Nintendo Announced that the events of Zelda U were to take place long before any of the previously released Zelda games. 

    They also hinted fairly strongly at it being a Co-Op game. 

    I seems to me, and of course it’s pure speculation, that the Zelda U Storyline will somehow involve a group of Heros involved in a more¬†Grandiose¬†Battle to Create the Kingdom of Hyrule by liberating it from the Dark Forces of Evil with the power of the Triforce.¬†

    At least, that’s how it’s going to stay in my Head until I hear from Nintendo.

    • Andres Trujillo

      A group of heroes fighting together during the Hyrulean Civil War maybe? Having more than one hero could help solve the co-op aspect of the game. Oh man I can’t wait to se what they do with this

      • Lord Carlisle

        Imagine it being similar to Zelda: Battlequest in NintendoLand. Three use the Wii remotes, one uses the gamepad. The Wii remotes get the sword and some other options, the gamepad gets the bow and arrows and some other options.

        Let’s say there’s four players. One gets to keep a dungeon item and use it when needed, but can swap items when needed with other players.

      • Moshugaani

        The Sealing War that takes place after Ocarina of Time and before A Link to the Past would be an interesting opportunity for an co-op game featuring the Knights of Hyrule.

      • Sorry, but I highly deslike that ideia. A bunch of heroes sound very strange. Furthermore, there must be only one Link. Thats the essence of Zelda.

        • Metal_Man_v2

          The Legend of Zelda The Four Swords, The Legend Of Zelda The Four Swords Adventure, The Legend of Zelda The Minish Cap.

    • Andrew Gonzalez

      omg that is the best idea I’ve heard today, I hope that’s true

    • Hyrule Historia included a manga that talks about the first unreincarnated Link.¬†A Hero¬†who was framed and chained. It didn’t give much back story as to why he was in chains. Going with the context of the manga, Link was framed by the leader who was killed by Demise. Perhaps Zelda U would the co-op story between the two Hero’s against Demise? How Link was framed? That story does take place long before anything else.

      It was the humans’ last fight before freeing Link and the land being lifted onto the sky.

      There is no Zelda in that timeline though, as there was only Hylia the goddess. So I don’t know if it is going to be called The Legend of Zelda.

    • ¬†you know that story at the beginning of skyward sword, yeah… well that’s probably the next game right there

  • Fred

    Wow I hope you’re right about another 4 swords. I played the GBA one and the Gamecube one. I absolutely loved the Gamecube one and the only complaint I have about the GBA one is that it was way too short (of coarse it probably had to be considering the same cartiridge also contained “A Link to the Past”)

  • Andres Trujillo

    I was thinking that maybe the new Zelda Wii U game could take place before Ocarina of Time, maybe around the time of the Hyrulean Civil War. It was mentioned in other games, but there still isn’t any game that happens during this. I think it would be awesome to see a giant battle unraveling and you have to help bring the kingdom together

    • Daniel Golightly

      It would also be completely different from the other games, thus fulfilling the “breaking conventions of previous zelda titles” promise. ¬†You and others who have said this may be on to something. ¬†I would love to see something like this…. especially if it features either online or dual screen multiplayer.

    • Metal_Man_v2

      I would love this! Hyrule Historia has both explained a great deal, and left open spaces for games in the time line.  Nintendo has done something truly genius for the series.  A game during the civil war would be epic!  But I also want another game with the four sword! Aagh, Nintendo needs to have more teams working on Zelda titles!

  • Nintendofreak

    im [edited for language] confused

    • The_fuzz_buzz

      Dude, no need for the language.

      • Daniel Golightly

        the fuzz is right…. but not about the language… just the name that suits.

        • Nintendofreak

          me finally get it d Ww branch its over so dere must be a game for d oder 2 branches or one dat makes d branches into one

          • Dumbpants


  • $41809923

    i like four sword zelda it was a good game i would be very happy if it was a coop play game wind waker zelda wii u and the next zelda game would be very cool to play that is coop play

  • JumpMan

    i think that since Nintnedo said that they would be making the new Wii U Zelda to be like they began the Zelda series with, that they will make it in the Past, Present, and Future, as they said The Legend of Zelda was originally supposed to be like. or, it could be something no one has ever thought of and it will be the most magically frickin’ awesome piece of video gaming¬†platinum this world has ever seen. either one would be good! XD

  • I hope they go the way like skyrim…making it a very huge game and would make for a awesome game

    • Metal_Man_v2

      No. Just No. ¬†I like skyrim, I play it a lot, but it really isn’t so great and defining like everyone makes it out to be. ¬†Not every game needs an overly huge overworld with lots of menial tasks to do in it. ¬†I don’t want to buy a house in Zelda, or cook my own food in Zelda, or get married in Zelda. ¬†Skyrim’s massiveness works well enough for The Elder Scrolls, but doesn’t fit with Zelda.

      • ¬†I disagree im talking about map size not as much for gameplay like that keep it as it aways has been but make the map for the game way larger then any of the other games

        • Goginho

          ¬†Well, as for map size ..trust me, this next game will be pretty big. I’m sure of it.

          • ¬†I hope so i still have not play skyward sword

          • Goginho

            Yea me too. SS is great though, but if you’re into immense maps then you may be a tad disappointed. Not me though, I found the game perfectly fitting. It has a great storyline, amazing characters, visuals, gameplay mechanics, and awesome cinematics.

        • Metal_Man_v2

          As long as it feels purposeful. ¬†I get what you’re saying though, but Skyrim may not be the best example. ¬†Lots of open space, but with lots of useless locations that don’t really add anything. ¬†

          I’m sure that the next game will be bigger than any of the previous Zelda games though. ¬†I think they have already said that a forest temple they were working on was larger than the hyrule field in Ocarina of Time.

  • DragonSilths

    I am fine with the Zelda Wii U game taking place between OoT and Windwaker for its time period. Or hell if they just wanted to make it the farthest along in the timeline.

    As for actual in game stuff…I wouldnt mind seeing Midna again but her and her people in their true form not in here annoying mask hunting form lol.

    NO CO-OP AT ALL. 4 Swords my god I hated that. Only way I could see a co-op MAYBE working is if player 1 was Link, player 2 was a Goron, player 3 was a Zora, and player 4 was one of those Greudo Valley theif people lol.

    I would rather if they want to alter singleplayer from the past games just make it so the player gets to do different parts of the game as different characters. For example a part where you play as Zelda in order to get something for Link in a realm (Dungeon/temple) that only she can enter.


    Other then that I dont care to much what they do lol.

    I hope Ganondorf comes back some how…maybe a MINOR villian like a minion of Ganondorf finds Ganondorf in his staute form from Windwaker and has some witch character or something release the sword from him and frees Ganondorf.

  • Jatinder Singh

    My brain can’t handle Zelda’s story lilne

  • Metal_Man_v2

    None of these hint to what the next Zelda game could be about or will feature.  You basically summed up various chronologies and timelines from Hyrule Historia.  

    You had good points though, like how the downfall timeline remains the most open ended.  But interesting points =/= hints at what Zelda Wii U will be like.  The new game could take place anywhere in the timeline.

  • Can everyone just friggen accept it…. Nintendo never had a continuous story in mind until OoT and now they’re scrambling and making some insane 3 time line bs to cover their butts when people started asking about time lines?

    • Metal_Man_v2

      Well, to be fair, Zelda debuted on the NES. ¬†Looking back, I don’t remember really any well written stories for games in a series on the NES. ¬†It wasn’t until time went on, technology improved, and gaming became a more sophisticated pastime that story was implemented like it is today.¬†

    • I accept that, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t fun to speculate either. I’ve played all zelda games EXCEPT for the CDI games and know a lot about the series history without owning the book that inspired the article, but it’s still fun to speculate about what could be or what could have been. Every single game in the series as the word “Legend” in the title; that alone lends every single game in the series to its own separate stories and¬†mythology. So what if the people who actually make the game decide to pull some things out of their butts, as you so eloquently put it, as long as it doesn’t come off as some desperate fan-fiction I’m fin with it.

      Honestly this split-timeline (no longer) theory is much easier to understand than some of the stories told in comic books. Not that I’m knocking comics either; I’m not a huge fan of reading comics BUT I do like characters like Batman, but reading ABOUT those alternate dimensions and all the retcons etc, it’s such a headache.. I’d rather stick to the cartoons or the films as a singular narrative than know every little detail of every comic ever release. That’s just me.

  • NintendoNoob

    I hope new Zelda would have secrets about the next game in the storyline so we could figure out

  • For those that haven’t really seen it yet,¬†here is GameTrailer’s episode of Timeline, which covers The Legend of Zelda. http://www.gametrailers.com/full-episodes/en597n/timeline-the-legend-of-zelda

    It’s about 40 minutes of explanation of the TLoZ timeline. It’s a definite must watch for those who wish to understand the Hyrule Historia timeline. Plus it’s done very well so it is still a great watch for¬†us fans of the series.

  • All i want is some new zelda…come on nintendo bring us the zelda now!…lol

  • Guest

    What if there was a  game on the WW timeline where Hylia decides the land is safe and she can drain old Hyrule. Link then explores it, and finds the Master Sword in a stone, the stone actually being Ganondorf. When he draws the sword, it breaks the seal on Ganon and the plot goes on from there.

    • Okay, you win the comments on this one I think. That is an amazing idea. New Hyrule is too full of greed and pollution and arbitrary train tracks, so the old Hyrule is drained. But an ancient evil escapes. The only thing I would suggest is that Link himself is not the one that does the releasing. In classic Zelda style he should be called upon afterward.

      There could be so many undersea species who are angry about their home being destroyed. Aqua gorons! Plus obviously it turns out there has been an entire civilization going on under there for the thousands of years since it was flooded. Mysteries to uncover!

  • Nobody cares about Link , it’s all about me Waluigi!!!

    • Moshugaani

      You’re… mean! :'(

  • Alex Damman

    here is my theory on the zelda timeline: it’s impossible to figure out.

    i’m not saying that to be mean or to mean that i can’t figure it out personally, what i’m saying is that i actually have my own serious theory that leads to the conclusion that it is near impossible if not completely impossible to completely figure out the entire timeline. here it is:

    so we know that ocarina of time made everything in the universe weird with creating multiple timelines through time travel right?

    but consider this: we also know for sure that the zelda world has several dimensions in it. (termina, the dark world, the twilight world, the mini dimension in which the trials take place in skyward sword, etc.)

    however, ocarina of time only dealt with hyrule. it didn’t mention any of those other dimensions.

    now, hte way nintendo depicts it in the hyrule historia, one tends to assume that each of the dimensions is split to go with a certain timeline. neat and convenient. but suppose that the timeline split only affected hyrule, not the other dimensons? what you would have then was several dimensions and mini dimensions with one oddball that had three separate timelines, but still all within the same dimension. the lines of communication are still open, though,so one could travel from termina to any one of the hyrule timelines.

    now think of this: so in majora’s mask, child link crosses dimensions and goes to termina. what if the very fact that he was there in termina, a being from the messed up dimension with multiple timelines, triggered termina having its own, separate, time split?

    then you would have three timelines in hyrule and god knows how many timelines in termina. but at the end of the game, link travels across dimensions again, this time back into one of the timelines of hyrule. but now, he has some of the time-splitting energy from termina on him. so, would that possibly trigger a second time split in the “child” timeline of hyrule?

    furthermore, consider this: theoretically, the timelines within any given single dimension are closed to travel between one another. so, if you are in the child timeline in hyrule, you can’t go directly to the adult timeline or the hero fails timeline through any means. but, it is possible that a single given timeline within one dimension is open to travel between any of the timelines in another dimension. so if you were in a timeline in termina, you would be able to travel to any of the hyrule timelines. in other words, timelines between dimensions are not bonded to each other as one tends to assume they are when looking at the chart in the hyrule historia. so timelines could go through multiple time splits, over, and over, and over again due to people and things travelling across dimensions.

    furthermore, how do we know that each timeline travels through time at the same pace? if a person was in the child timeline in hyrule, and 1000 years had passed since ocarina of time, concievably it is posible that only fifty years could have passed in the adult timeline.

    i’m not saying that the hyrule historia is wrong. i assume it to be correct. what i’m saying is that it is not all there is. the zelda universe is a tangled mess of billions upon billions of timelines all crammed into a handfull of dimensions. which brings me back to my theory that it would be nearly impossible for any human being to figure out the whole story. now, just saying here, i know nothing about any actual scientific research into alternate universes or timelines or whatever. this is a videogame universe. the laws of reality don’t neccessarily have to apply, and i’m just having some fun theorizing about one of my favorite game series. you may think what you wish of my theory. i rest my case.

  • Wow, this looks like it could be an amazing article. But, I really don’t feel like waiting on my computer to boot and they still haven’t fixed the disqus issue on mobile, so I guess I won’t read it.

    • Tim van Broekhoven

      The disqus issue… You mean that the article was white? I had that too (on my tablet) but now it looks like it’s fixed…

  • call me stupid but i’d love too see a female lead in a zelda game

    • A young woman is selected by the triforce as the most¬†courageous. Why not?

  • Ben Newcomb

    I want a game where you play as the Sages or the Hero during the Goddess war before Skyward Sword. 

  • Ben English

    I’m not sure what Wind Waker you played, but it was pretty explicitly a sequel to Ocarina of Time. The developers were clear about that, the sages were depicted in the stained glass, King Daphnes, Jabun, Deku Tree, and Ganondorf all referenced the Hero of Time.

  • Wii U¬† needs a link to the past sequel

  • Arun Miriyala

    Bring back the Hero of Time. Let’s finish his story after Majoras Mask. The people who played ocarina and majora as children need this epic conclusion.¬†

  • monicajolie

    Can you please watch my show, I speak about Zelda 

  • Kaepora_Gaebora

    There is a “hero fails” timeline, plus a timeline where Ganon returns during a time with no hero.¬† Both of these sound like potentials for a new game where the player controls Ganon.¬† Instead of Link defeating dungeon/temple bosses, hunting for weapons, and saving Hyrule, it would be up to the player to corrupt temples, stash the slain hero’s weapons where future would-be heroes can’t find them, and wipe out the last remnants of the kingdom of Hyrule.¬† It would definitely be interesting to experience the common themes of the Zelda mythology from the dark side of things.¬† It would also provide an excellent opportunity to flesh out the character and backstory for Ganon.

    On a completely different train of thought, does anybody remember the “Crisis on Infinite Earths” comic series that DC used to pull different versions of superheroes from parallel universes into a single, epic-scale battle?¬† Imagine a Zelda game following the same general idea.¬† Ganon has siezed control of the triforce and is about to plunge the world of Hyrule into eternal darkness.¬† He has become so powerful that no hero can stop him.¬† The only hope to save Hyrule is for Zelda to use the power of the Ocarina to summon the incarnation of the hero of time from each of the three timelines, and then the four of them defeat Ganon together.¬† This would be an easy place to introduce a co-op element to the game (which has been hinted at, I believe).¬† You could also do some crazy things like have each incarnation of Link retain their original appearance and characteristics, so you could have a 3D Link (Twilight Princess-style) fighting alongside a cell-shaded toon Link and an 8-bit classic Link.¬† Bonus points if the classic Link still can’t jump and requires a “ladder” item in order to cross small gaps and streams ūüôā

  • I still want a Majoras Mask sequel, did Link ever find Navi?!