Oct 15th, 2012

Publisher Tecmo Koei has announced that the upcoming action game Fist Of The North Star: Ken’s Rage 2 will be coming to the Wii U in addition to other platforms. Tecmo Koei released the official poster of the game, revealing a “Wii U” logo at the bottom, and later confirmed in a statement that the game will be released on Nintendo’s new console in February 2013.

Fist Of The North Star: Ken’s Rage 2 is a sequel to the original game which was released back in 2010. It’s a beat’em-up action game based on the Warrior’s series (Dynasty Warriors), which itself was based on the Japanese manga Fist Of The North Star. It’s very complicated if you’re not already into the series, but the original game was well received by fans, even if reviews were mediocre.

You can check out some crazy gameplay from the original game here. You can also find the official posted of the game below:

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  • NoPUNintendo

    Looks pretty good. I never played the first, but that does give me a reason to do so.

    • jon

      why has the guy on the front cover (presumably ken) got bullet scars on his chest?

      • Anon

        I don’t then they are bullet holes.
        I think they are finger holes where someone pierced his skin,
        in an attempt to kill him.

      • tron

        I’m not sure, but you could find out by watching Fist of the North Star. It’s an old anime from the late ’80s.

  • Nko Sekirei

    Holy $hit wii u continues to amaze me on seeing more great games coming for it

  • RedRocBoy

    Sweet! More support for the Almighty WII U! Can’t wait! XD

    • prettypinkpanacea

      Ha ha, another name for it. First, the “Fearless”, now the “Almighty”.

  • RSBzero

    Crazy, the original movie was beast

  • theBALLANCEDopinion

    Guess i’m too late to get into it then.

  • srpg2ishere

    Just so you guys know I was the veryfirst person to comment on this no matter where i am in the comments section.

    • NintendoMan :D

      then how come below your name it says 1:58 when the one before you says 1:57

    • theBALLANCEDopinion

      Just so you know, WHO THE HELL CARES?

      • Lord Carlisle

        …All of those who disliked your comment?

    • Kav

      You misspelled “I want to comment “First” but i dont want to be downvoted”

    • Nko Sekirei

      gtfo troll

  • srpg2ishere

    Cool I’m getting this

  • WiiUhyper

    Cool, whatever that is…

  • silentbates

    Another dynasty warrior like game eh? I may be a HUGE fan of the empire games but there seems to be alot of DW like games of recently. I think its time to take a chill pill at least for one year we have been getting at least 2 a year!

    • Majin

      But it is HNK!

  • RAS310

    How come the Wii U logo isn’t accompanied with the Nintendo Network logo like PSN/XBL are? I doubt that means no online for the Wii U version, but why isn’t it on there?

    • Herox95

      Oh Idk. We has to wait and find out, maybe they have a different plan for Wii U?

      • smallNdeadly

        Or Nintendo hasn’t shown its online logo yet…I haven’t seen it

        • RAS310

          It’s the same one currently used on some 3DS games. Look up “Nintendo Network” on Wikipedia.

  • Jetty

    I’ve never heard of this, watched trailer, impressed, it’s on my list.

  • Lazara The Last

    Awesome. Pre-orderd pikmin, mario, assassin’s creed, zombiu and lego city today, had to pay $41 dollar in deposit…

  • Joesatmoes

    idk if ill get this game, but definitly love da support

  • Dereq

    wow, I remember playing FOTNS on NES when I was like 12.

    • Ryu No Hadouken

      yes, that game was insanely hard back then too! LOL…the memories….

  • burnannator

    oh my likey :O

  • Hypnotic Alligator

    Never played any on the previous games but, I love the support Wii U is getting. I cant wait to get my gator claws on the Wii U……..Out

    • TheImaj

      In…… Gator claws??……..Out

  • Me

    …Seriously guys? This is no news, it was confirmed like 2 months ago…

    • RodSF4

      I agree… but I believe what was confirmed was only in Japan. was even shown on TGS… so this one basically confirms NA release…

  • CRT_hater777

    Are those…BULLET HOLES IN HIS CHEST!!!! What a bada$$!!!

    • theBALLANCEDonion

      They are finger holes in his cheast

  • srpg2ishere

    eh I’d rather get tekken tag tournament 2

    • Majin

      Can’t tell if troll, or just stupid.

  • SteampunkJedi

    I’ve never really played games like this, so I’m not sure this game is for me. But if it’s a good game that many people get, then I’m all for it: More great Wii U support. 😀

  • Smilesprower

    Going back to the SNES days where everyone was supporting.

    Good to see ye back on track Ninty.

  • millz

    No there not bullet holes (although they look like it) they are in fact finger holes someone called shin did it to him with the fist of the south star techniques. I am a big fan of the anime but not the games as I don’t like DW but glad Wii u is getting support that it needs

    • GamerJ

      If they are finger holes, then the dude that did that had F#$@D up hands because that is the most unko pattern I’ve seen for finger prints.


    I played the PS3 Japanese version. Im all over the Wii-U version when it comes to the US! I wish it would be out by Christmas 🙁

  • GamerJ

    Red evil dude in the BG looks like Shredder from TMNT…. just sayin.

    • Majin

      That is Kai-oh, if I remember correctly.

  • millz

    shin used both hands to poke him

  • Arsonist Monkey

    Sony and Microsoft are already dead!


    “Sony and Microsoft are already dead!”

    I see what you did there. 😉

  • Majin

    I didn’t even read the article or the comments.

    But I must say.

    Yes. Yes…YES YES YES!

    Best anime ever.