Nov 9th, 2012

With just over a week until launch, Nintendo has released the first Wii U eShop details, talking about the sort of content we might find there in the future. The Wii U eShop will function similarly to the 3DS eShop, and will carry game demos, HD videos, images and photos (which can be viewed on the GamePad), downloadable content for individual games, and more.

Furthermore, players will be able to rate the games available on the eShop, and write comments/reviews about it on Miiverse. The Wii U eShop will be downloaded when the console boots up for the very first time, and will offer downloadable retail games on day one. Nintendo will offer its own first party titles as downloads, including New Super Mario Bros U (about 2.5 GB), and Nintendo Land (about 3.5 GB).

Wii U eShop

Source (Japanese)

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  • theBALLANCEDopinion

    Sweet! We can write reviews? I have the POWER!!!

    • theBALLANCEDopinion

      I just love that Chrome can translate an entire page from Japanese to English.

      • AKA-Link77

        Its wierd how everything is in japanese first when Japan is getting Wii U™ last. . . probly cuz theyre a japanese company – -idk
        But this eShop page looks coo’ but there will be changes tho, like the 3D-Shop. 🙂

        • Dronch

          They want to take over the usa holiday season, more money for nintendo:)

          • Nintendo is da best

            They also started the development for the console in america but the programs on it were made in japan!

      • AKA-Link77

        im so glad im getting the premium cuz its the ONLY one that comes with that eShop 10% deal [and other stuff bundled in the box!] 😀

      • Master of Awesomeness

        Great idea. Everyone on this site, there is an announcement is in progress!
        That should be the only announcement.

    • NavyBlueYoshi

      Now U are playing with SUPER POWER
      8 and a quarter days…

  • Falcon PAWTCH!!!

    Cool, can’t wait to see more on the Wii U when it comes out.

  • t_vo

    I just have a question about digital purchases on the wii u. Is the purchase tied to the user id or the machine? (user account, like Xbox, machine, like Wii)

    • Sharkz

      I’m guessing it will be tied to your WiiU in some way but I could be wrong. I personally like hard copies so if I get tired of a game I can at least get a few bucks off of it by selling it. Digital downloads stops reselling from happening.

    • Axe

      If one person buys it, any account can use it.

      • 007 1/2

        …how do u know?

        • Nintedward

          This was confirmed in a japanese Nintendo direct just a few days ago.

          You buy an e-shop, retail , DLC etc etc . Any of the 12 user accounts can access this data. Some of it can be blocked with parental controlls aswell.

          The times man. Keep up.

          • ProppaT

            That’s not what he’s asking, though. For example, some people own multiple 360s. With the 360, you can download your purchases to multiple 360s, so long as you use the user name it’s tied to. What he fears (and what I think will be the case) is that the download will be tied to the system and not the account. In otherwords, you can play the game on every account on the system, but cannot download the game to a second system.

  • Sharkz

    I like that you can leave ratings of games on Miiverse. It will help save some people money if the game isn’t worth the download. I like the fact that Nintendo is giving you the option to download games from eShop like NSMBU, but I’d rather have a hard copy (CD) so if I choose I can take it to a friends house and play it there too. I like all the content and choices that are coming out with the WiiU!

    • NintendoMan :D

      I would rather have a hard copy too, but I also hope the eShop shows how many GB a game is so you know how much space it will take up.

    • kevin

      Im with you. Give me a disk to hold onto. Also, when im done with it, I can get a couple of buck back trading it in. I’ve gotten many games trading in games.

    • goginho

      Yea man, so much freedom. A definite win.

  • Armani

    WOW! But I assume many people will rather just get a copy of it on the disk… but if you perfer downloading the game, then theres no need to worry about being Sold Out at stores 😛

  • Nils

    I am going to buy every single game (on the eshop)

    • TheCruzKing

      “Share the load”…

    • Axe

      I feel sorry for your wallet…

      • Nintedward

        His wallet passed away a few years ago.

    • Tobbe

      No u r not. Plz don lie here m8

    • Dronch

      yeah i here three terabyte harddrives are pretty cheap

    • Elite

      One day you will realize just how much cheaper you can find games retail if you look hard enough. Eshop, xbox live, and even psn digital games are usually more expensive than retail.

  • derty

    hell ya! Time to download a bunch of crap till I run out of money lol

  • Calvin

    Does anybody know if ZombiU will be available for purchase on the eShop on day one?

    • Sharkz

      I read on a WiiU news site and it says that Ubisoft is wanting to put all their games on digital download as well as having the hard copy in stores.

  • TheUNation

    Thanks to the power of Wii U and the Nintendo Network, the eShop will definitely be THE place to shop. Demos, HD videos, full games from Nintendo and indy developers… I can’t wait to swap my debit card on the NFC in the gPad and start purchasing!!!!!!

  • Latepate

    Its tied to the user! 🙂

  • RedRocBoy

    Might get a 32 gb sdhc card and a 1terabyte usb.

  • Wii U #1

    I just watch the videos and play demos. Who else pre-ordered?

  • nintendofreak

    ohh my self …ohh my self

  • Josh

    You can write reviews? The Wii U is getting better and better by the second… LITERALLY!

  • Nintedward

    Wiiultima is Wiiultima…

    • Nintedward



      • Master of Awesomeness

        AWE 😮

      • Elite

        I don’t speak spanish…

  • Ledreppe

    Finally, the size of some games is revealed, 2.5 GB for NSMBU is a little less than I was expecting. Looks like I’ll have plenty of space on my USB HDD for going all digital next generation.

  • kidnintend

    just got back from my gamestop and paid off the rest of my black wii u. Also some of you will be glad to hear there will be a midnight launch at my gamestop. They only got about 20 pre orders at my store. Also they were just getting in there wii u stock and the lady delivering the wii u said they will have a couple wii u for people who didnt preorder but only about 3. figured i would let u guys kno tho that it seems the stock is coming in now. my body is so ready i wanted to say just let me take mine now.

  • kidnintend

    still they only had the rayman demo available but i played for about an hour. no one was at the store. also it could just be certain gamestop doing midnight launches. the manager said they will start selling at 12:01 and prob be done in 20 minutes after they start. so this will prob be my first midnight launch. he said it seems like halo 4 will have a way biggier midnight launch then the wii u. he said a lot of parents think it is a new handheld system.

  • nintendoododo

    Translated, i think the wii u is nintendos last system. They can compete with the big two ps3 and xbox 360, let alone ps4 and xbox720. You had a good run nintendo! We will see mario and zelda on ps and xbox with in 5 years.

    • Jimmeth

      Nice try troll 🙂

    • Nintedward

      Piss of , Pillok . I said the wiiu is comprehensively the greatest console ever. Those who disagree put lemon in your mouth and salt in your eyes.

      • AnnIan

        Sounds like a fun party to me. I’m in…

    • Master of Awesomeness

      Fuck off! Nins would never do that! Go home and get fucked!
      Why would you even think that will happen with wii u?

    • Sharkz

      You need to get rid of the first part of your name and just leave “dodo” or just change it altogether and call yourself “idiotic waste of space poster child”

    • nintendoododo

      THIS IS NOT ME!!! This is just stupid troll who is trying to ruin my reputation. Don’t listen to him. You can see he is fake because i never say that ps3 or xbox is better than wii u.

      Olen oikea nintendoodo ja hän on huijari.

      • Superrty

        You should do the gravitar thing then people will know its you

      • Superstick

        I know how you feel dude. On the last article (nin land gameplay) some guy supposedly used my name tryin to make look bad and stuff but apparently fluttershy proved too much for him. (My gravatar) btw if you don’t know who fluttershy is go to youtube and type in “mlp fim season 1 ep 1”. It may be kinda cheezy and what not but just give it a shot. And this is coming from a 14 year old BOY. Lol.

    • Nko Sekirei

      u know wat ur more of a dumb@$$ troll i think its time for u to go move back to bikini bottom and go play with ur friend patrick star

    • Dronch

      Yeah i know right. i cant wait to play halo 5 on my wii u

  • nintendoododo

    ^ CANT^


    I hope you can sign up for a Japanese and UK account similar to Ps3 and have access to really cool regional exclusive games, demos and videos.

  • WarioForever

    COOL!!! Can’t wait for this console, ONLY 20 DAYS!!!

  • ……………….

    Wii U eShop Is Cool !

  • Treebeard

    no lemon or salt please.

  • goginho

    Wow, Nintendoland is a whole gig larger than NSMBU.

    • Master of Awesomeness

      WTF? :/

      • Master of Awesomeness

        Haha, failed face. Lets see…

        • Master of Awesomeness

          damn it! I failed again!
          Anyway, I think that Ninland is bigger than NSMBU because it has multiple awesome games, whereas NSMBU is one big awesome game.

  • Linskarmo

    I’m glad we can write about games (as opposed to just rating them on the 3DS) as comments or reviews. And I love the 3DS eShop. It’s very well done, and I won’t be surprised if this is even better.
    Nintendo Land sure is a big download! (In my case, anyway. My internet is very limited.)

    • Master of Awesomeness

      I only have 15 gig a month of download! AND I must share with my family. There is four of us. My dad would never allow me to download something! It’s 93% of my download for a month!

      Why am I so unlucky?

      • Linskarmo

        Per-day, that’s just a slightly higher allowance than my family’s. Ours runs on a day-by-day basis with downloads instead of per-month. But we can download unlimited late at night, even if it is pretty slow. Join the club of unluckiness.

  • Nick

    I thought they had a whole 25 GB of disc space. Y are these games so small. We couldn’t get bigger games? Well atleast when they make new Mario, Metroid, Zelda games they should take a good chunk of the disc.

    • AwesomeP

      just because you have a disc with a 25 gb capacity doesn’t mean that every game needs it. personally 2.5gb for a side scrolling platformer is actually really big.

    • Fenberry

      As I’ve spent alot of my time looking at wii game ISOs I can safely say that NSMBU is a huge game. The original New Super Mario Bros on the wii is only about 600mb, so the size comparison is massive. When I do finally get my wii u deluxe on 30th November here in New Zealand, I’ll record footage onto my YouTube channel (fenberry24).
      Check it out if you want.

  • Dronch

    it would be cool if when you get the disk, it registers in the e-shop and if the disk were ever to break or get badly scratched, you can just download it from the e-shop because you have already purchased it.

    • JumpMan

      yeah, but to much dishonesty to allow that. :/ you could just buy the game, put it in your Wii U, download digital version and return. free games! so, probs nots mans.

      • Dronch

        well yeah but im sure they would come up with a way to prevent this situation…

    • Wii U #1

      No because some smart asses would just give the code to others, which is surely non profitable for nintendo. lol but that is a good idea.

  • Adam Fox

    New Super Mario Bros U is 2.5GB? Wow…pretty big jump from the New Super Mario Bros Wii…it was like 350MB-380MB…..

  • Jonny

    I can write my own reviews cool,but I probably will give ever game top rating because nintendo make their games good!

  • Fireheart

    Call me old fashioned but what is the point of downloading the game if you can get a hard copy of it? I can see downloading older game, indie games, and stuff like that, but a retail game just seems like a waste of time. I would rather buy a hard copy of a game and have it in my house. Anyways beyound that point I’m excited we get to do reviews for the games we buy that’s going to be awesome.

    • Dronch

      I know what you mean, and i agree with you. But there are people who treat there games like rocks, so this benefits them.

    • Kirbymon123

      If the game is sold out in stores, or you cant get a ride to the store. Also, discs can break but downloads can’t. Whatever, I’ve already got used to solid copies, so I’ll probably just download it when I’m to impatient to get the game at the store.

  • LyingTuna

    I went to Walmart and they had a Wii U demo unit! This pleases me, as my Best Buy isn’t setting theirs up till the 18th. Of course, the tv wasn’t on, so I couldn’t watch videos… Actually, the thing wouldn’t play demos either, so it was a little useless, but I got to play around with it. The screen was crisp, the buttons were nice, and all directional inputs (analaug sticks and dpad) were the best I have ever felt! I am too exited…

  • Rage quit

    All right guys 8 days to go and until that wiiu comes out who is pumped I know I am

  • Miguel

    OMG, those games only use about 0.14% of total disk space! imagine what nintendo can do with the rest of it!

  • ProClifo

    Why would Wii U games be downloadable? I’d rather get CD discs and save the storage for something more useful, like GameCube or SNES games.