Nov 1st, 2012

Nintendo has released the very first Wii U commercial in the US. And compared to the British Wii U TV ad, the production value here is vastly improved, featuring a giant set with lots of rooms with different Wii U gamers. The 1 minute ad will likely be cut down to a more normal 30 second spot when it airs, but overall, it looks pretty good and original. It’s clear that Nintendo is aiming this ad at the casual crowd, since no hardcore games were seen. It shouldn’t be a big deal, since most hardcore gamers already know about the Wii U.

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  • Wii U

    Yet another success for Nintendo. Im sure theyre trying to capture the casual gamers first since some people still dont know what the Wii U is. Im also sure theyll make another ad for hardcore gamers. so i know some of you all were upset! dont worry!! wii u is awesome. and as long as you know its great for you… it doesnt matter wat the ad looks like. but i LOVED it! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Montrhuntr

      Couldn’t agree more!

    • Nintedward

      Yeh , what’s wrong with trying to attract casual gamers ???? If sony and Microsoft want to Exapand in the future, then they better start making themselves half casual and half hardcore becuase it doesn’t take Albert Einstein to work out that , that will expand your user base…

      It was slightly better than the UK add (sping sping sping) And will surely make the wiiu the killer device this holiday season.

      Now for some NSMBU and some ZombiU adds please ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Zeldazero

      I also loved it but it really would have been good in my opinion to throw in a few hardcore games to appeal to more than just casual gamers.

      • Wii U

        Trust me. Theyre probably already in production for a hardcore ad that will feature assasins creed3 and zombi u. just patience ๐Ÿ˜‰

        • Nintendo Fan

          But, Nintendo cannot put too many hard core games in a commercial or it will freak out the casual gamers.

          • Zeldazero

            The difference is they can easily add that scenario to the ad by saying, it is for casual and hardcore gamers alike. Something for everyone.

      • Johny

        yea… atleast some of it.. like in the UK first tv ad… they included ZombiU …

    • somebody


      • u mad bro FC: 0559-7101-5495

        Nintendo have to make a commercial that appeals to hardcore gamers and show them the great line up of core games such as Assassins Creed 3, Darksiders 2, Zombiu the list goes on.

  • swic11

    Not really impressed with the commercial. I do like the last line though. “How U will play next” wasnt that it?

    • frank (3dsFC=5155-3120-0417)

      Yeah, that appears to be the system’s motto, kinda like “wii would like to play” and all the others from the 80’s and 90’s and up to now. Wasn’t “get N or get out” one of them?

      • Akuago220

        Yes, for the Nintendo 64.

        • sniklefritz

          dont forget about the snes line now your playing with SUPER power lol love that one

      • LazerK

        I still remember “Now you’re playing with power!” from the NES days

  • Diogozaca

    For you guys to go crazy for the wait!!!!!

    • Nintenlord

      Thanks dude now the waiting is more painfull

    • Madmagican

      Great, now I feel even worse that I didn’t get to pre-order…. O. e …there’s gotta be some way I can get a Wii U before 2013

  • Joseph

    At least they got SOME Nintendo TVii in there. I agree. this will be followed with a hardcore app

    • Joseph


  • mc7791

    ok not bad. Would have liked to see more 3rd party games like Batman, Assassins creed and Zombie U.

    • Castamere

      I agree. Deep experiences like ZombiU, Batman: Arkham City Armored Edition, Tekken, and many other great games, were explicitly excluded. Hopefully that means a follow-up advertisement will feature these games.

    • derek

      i think they should do mario, zombiu, nintendo land, assassins creed 3, black ops, tvii. not a fan of C.O.D. but still it would attract more people and show that its quite a bit different than wii was. even though wii was great, it didnt appeal to hardcore gamers persay.

  • Ninjafish

    Holy crap. That was way better than the one in Britain. XD Sorry my English friends, but you guys got ripped off.

    • Nintedward

      Reggie Broke the bank for you guys Whilst Satoru Shibata Spent all the UK add money on Horse racing and a new monacle….

      • Ninjafish

        Haha that made me laugh XD thanks for the laugh my friend.

  • James

    Guys I love Nintendo and I’m picking up a Wii U day one, but come on this commercial sucks. The dubstep music is awful and they didn’t even show ONE hardcore title in this video. Nintendo said they were going to try and focus on the hardcore market with this system. This commercial was targeted at the casual market. Come on Nintendo!!

    • Castamere

      I do agree with most of what you said, but New Super Mario Bros. U is definitely a hardcore title.

      • swic11

        I’m sure I am going to get a 1000 dislikes for this… But I dont think so. New Super Mario Brothers U is NOT a hardcore title in my book. Yes, I am buying it because it will be fun, but just because its Nintendo’s golden franchise does not mean its a hardcore title. Granted… this is all MY personal opinion. And in that opinion for Mario to = hardcore for a stand alone title easily needs to be 3D.

        I will like my status lol

        • MyHolyTell

          The term “casual”, and “hardcore” means about as much as “liberal” or “conservative”.

          It’s a bull shit term thrown around by two extreme sides who dont mean anything. Any game can be played in a hardcore or casual manner.

          For example Pinball. I figure most “hardcore” gamers would consider it “casual”. Because it doesnt have guns, blood, a story line, breasts, or cursing. Its a simple concept of actually getting the ball into a certain area of the board. You can play pinball extremely competitively. Getting the highscore, trying to do crazy bounces with the flippers, and getting the ball in areas that no one else can.

          See instead of it being a playable movie. Pinball is actually a GAME, and like any game. It can be played in a “casual” or “hardcore” manner.

          Hit these two terms in the head, and put them to bed, because they’re DEAD.

          • ncv144

            there is no casual nor hardcore game, but there are hardcore gamers and casual gamers, and games that have taken a liking to each side. For example, i have an xbox with COD and BF and Forza, but i play casually just for fun not for the tops, unlike with my gamecube where i play for the best scores.

          • Kev

            Hardcore is the latest fad. Nobody in the eighties or nineties used that word to describe their gaming habits. It’s a relatively recent term. You can thank the Sony/MS fans mostly for propagating that distinction.

          • Castamere

            What I meant by “hardcore,” which is as you pointed out a loosely defined term that should be applied moderately, is that New Super Mario Bros. U is more likely to attract people who consider playing video games a hobby than those who consider it an activity they engage in infrequently. For instance, back when we were kids, when new platformers emerged such as sequels to Super Mario Bros. or Sonic the Hedgehog or any other platformer, those who had a greater investment in playing video games purchased those games and their respective systems. Those who didn’t infrequently sought out these games or even these systems.

            That is all I meant. I wasn’t necessarily applying the contemporary usage of the term. I do think it has reached a point where its definition has become muddled to apply only games to that display graphic scenes and extreme violence, which is incorrect. Thus, I was equating core experiences such as ZombiU and Assassin’s Creed III to New Super Mario Bros. U.

        • Nintedward

          NSMBU is neither hardcore or casual. It’s how U play it. Speed Runs for example. Is some casual ass gunna beat my speed runs when presented on miiverse ??? Nope.

          So unlike a purely casual game like SING PARTY, NSMBU is just Neutral and depends on how it’s played.

          • Swic11

            I can agree with that!

          • Roedburn

            Well put.

          • Mariolgy101

            Lol yea no damn way a casual mario player will be able to beat some peoples speedruns. Honestly there might be some levels where they can’t even get through or atleast take a long time to get through. Like a world 9 if they give us a really hard one. Hopefully its super challenging. But sorry to be off topic id rather have a new challenging donkey kong country any day.

          • Peanut

            Agreed. When I play New Super Mario Bros wii with my sister (Who only plays it the odd time) I end up having to pick her up and do the level on my own, or she goes into a bubble.

          • N

            It is casual. NSMBU are catered toward people who recognize the name Mario and will buy it regardless. The people who will buy the game don’t care if the game has changed significantly or not since NSMB Wii (which it hasn’t), they will buy MARIO. It’s also casual because they dumbed down Mario; everything was made easier. Nintendo isn’t even trying with 2d Mario anymore. If you don’t see this then you’re just a blind fanboy.

      • ziggy

        lol hard core is zombiu

    • joe

      you’re acting like this will be the ONLY wii U tv ad..

      • Crapcake

        guys hardcore and casual means how serious you take games. hardcore gamers take it like its their job while casuals do it for fun and a midcore gamer has fun while taking it seriously

  • Ryan

    Eh….it’s good for the casuals, but it still makes Nintendo come off at the kiddy company IMO.

    Surprised there were no shots of Darksiders II, Black Ops 2, AC III with the pro controller if they are expecting to gain back the hardcore gaming crowd. Maybe we can expect one of these later with regards to a late night commercial on FX or Spike.

    • wighead

      It’s a Nintendo ad, not an activision nor a ubisoft ad. Nintendo will let them advertise their titles themselves. It’s not a good business decision for a company to advertise competing titles for free, at least not before they advertise their own…

      • Damiao

        Well said wighead

  • MyHolyTell

    I’m amazed by the stupidity of the comments in the YouTube comments section.

    Complaining about “marketing” to the “hardcore” gamers with a television comercial. YOU DONT NEED TO. These “hardcore” gamers know about the Wii U, they read forums, news, and blogs about the games. They know whats coming out, and when its coming out.

    YOU HAVE TO market towards the “casual” market because they are less likely to know about your product. They don’t set on the computer 24/7 complaining about video games, and acting immature about digital entertainment, and plastic. They actually have LIVES. So you need to capture them with the TV adds. Since that will be the most likely place that they’ll see your product.

    Seriously people GET REAL.

    • Gee

      You do have to market the casuals and let them know about the Wii U, but they still don’t know. It has the name WII in it, they’ll think it’s an add-on.
      It needs to be explained that this is a NEW CONSOLE. This commercial failed miserably and this is coming from someone who can’t wait to get this console.

  • TheFearless

    The wiiU approves of this ad!!!!

  • Bugman

    Good introduction which is the main focus of this ad, for people who have no idea what the wiiU is. As for the rest of us, we already know that Nintendo is going for the hardcore crowd this time around while holding on to the casual audience.

    • TheUNation

      Amen, Bugman!!!!! Nintendo will be going for the hardcore crowd… and Ubisoft is one of the Big N’s supporters.

  • DreDaGreat

    It was an ok commercial. It doesn’t make me want to go out and buy it day one. I think the next commercial needs to focus on the biggest feature of the Wii u which is the gamepad. If they show parents that u can play the wii u without having to use the main tv man thats a money. Hell its still better then those creepy as ps3 commercials Sony use to show

  • nintendoododo

    omg who cares? Just give me the finnish commerical.

    • Nintedward

      Dude that’s gunna have a lower production value than the UK add…

      Some guy in a snowstorm with an icey mustache saying ”How will U play Next” in Finnish…

      • NintenDon

        That’s incredibly ignorant, but I would expect that from you.

        • Damiao

          Don’t you know that Nintendoododo is the most ignorant person on wiiUdaily, Nintendward was just giving him a taste of his own medicine.

    • Ryan

      They want to make commercials for areas they expect to sell more than 100 in.

      (No offense, but if the UK is only getting 25K I can’t even begin to think how much Finland is getting).

      • Nintedward

        I don’t for a second believe that 25K RUMOUR. it was just a rumour. but I expect the figure to be close to 100 thou for day 1 in UK ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Cugno the Swiss

      No wonder far-right politics are so well estabilished in Finland in the last five years or so, just look at the inhabitants.

  • Nintendo Power (Wii U FTW)

    I want to live in that U

  • Ricardo

    Its better than the UK version I like it 8^D


    This is what my comment was for the vid;

    Well Nintendo is and has always been a family first company. I think it showed all the good the U can do…BUT we need a commercial about all the adult games it has too for sure. I agree with so many here that Nintendo needs to show this. It will have all kinds of games, games for the hard-core guy and when that guy turns into dad he’ll have games to play with๏ปฟ his son too…

    • Damiao

      Well put

      • SH*TBLOCK


  • VoiceOfReason

    This generation is going to be interesting, because a lot of these “hardcore” console gamers are going to be putting their foot in their mouth a lot.

    There is no longer such a thing as a “Video Game” console. This generation was the last generation of the game console. Its now an affordable “Entertainment Console”. Entertainment Consoles are not marketed directly at this “hardcore” audience. While it has content for this audience. It’s no longer the focus of these products. This product is made for everyone. It’s to have your all in one entertainment in a single device. These consoles are no longer made exclusively for gamers. They’re made for a much broader audience.

    Anyone who expects a super powerful hardcore “Video Game” console from Sony of Microsoft better think again. That audience is too small to turn a worth while profit. Especially for a company in this economy. A 500-600$ Console is suicide. This is the beginning of the “Entertainment Console”.

    • MujuraNoKamen

      True, consoles now are becoming entertainment hubs (social networking + movies and TV) in addition to the gaming that has already been offered. Wii U is a good model for future consoles, it appeals roughly equally to casual and hardcore without sacrificing the needs of one for the other – not to mention it is reasonably priced and, being Nintendo, will be well built, something Microsoft and maybe Sony probably won’t be able to say about their hardware. And you’re damn right, people who expect power-houses from Sony and Microsoft are mistaken, they probably will be more powerful than Wii U but given the financial mess Sony are in don’t expect any PS3 like jumps in power this time around. As for Microsoft, they made a loss on 360s and so would probably like to make a profit this time around, both of them – especially Microsoft – are aiming to recapture Wii’s success and put casual gaming at the forefront of their consoles. Apparently MS have filed patents for a console sold with an upgraded Kinect and will be more casual orientated.

  • Draco Breach

    I’m not going to use monickers like ‘hardcore’ or casual’ in my comment. Instead, I’ll focus on the target audience of this commercial and what I know of Nintendo of America.

    Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter are already filled with video’s and messages from Nintendo and third parties about the teenage to thirty-year crowds – Mass Effect, Call of Duty, Assassin’s Creed, Aliens: Colonial Marines. However, those crowds know what’s coming, and they know it’s different.

    Though the social scene should inform everybody equally, there are many who really don’t know the difference. The first, official television advertisement from Nintendo is a smart move. It targets educating everybody who did not get the message. “Wii would like to play” is a very different campaign from “How will U play?”.

    It’s a forced change in perspective. It’s a long term strategy to target and capture people who did not know what the Wii U was as potential customers once supply chains settle down. It’s to capture people who don’t usually venture to the gaming section of Best Buy or the new Wii U kiosk at GameStop (showed up Monday October 29).

    While the ad may get trimmed for television, it certainly won’t at places like Walmart. I’ll add to my list. The ad is for shoppers of Walmart and major shopping centers. The ad is for mall, movie, and other ‘out and about’ goers. The ad is the perfect length for the silver screen showing of any family flick.

    There’s where it really comes down to. The first promo is designed to target the family!

    Nintendo of America may create ads to target teen to thirty-some gamers. Bachelors. Bachelorettes.

    However, Nintendo’s core mantra has always been social interaction. They lost their way a little bit with the N64 and NGC – great systems both, but they tried to reinvigorate the whole social interaction with the Wii. It showed progress, but Nintendo wants to go further with the Wii U.

    Notice no scene showed a gamer alone? They were playing, interacting. They were together and enjoying closeness. The upbeat music matched tempo, and the scene was filled with smiling faces basking in the presence of company.

    The social ads aren’t quite the same. They shouldn’t be. They target different audiences. If Nintendo creates ads for other focus groups, they will change tactics. The music will match the tempo they want.

    Wait until Nintendo is out in full force. They typically have multiple commercials for each console out.

    The first commercial is not for us. Though I liked it, they are not trying to convince the news-watchers. The trend setters. We know what’s coming. We are convinced. What else can Nintendo show us but what’s new and upcoming? They aren’t ready for that, so they show the old to convince an untapped market.

  • KalebTaylorX

    The UK one sucked :T
    This one should be broadcasted in the UK too.


    well here is to who ever made this advert well done, great stuff i live in ENGLAND and who ever did that advert for the UK market ought to be SHOT.Well done U.S.A marketing team it makes all the differnce,now for the hardcore one.please come over here and sort are lot ought

  • NinTobias

    Pretty Good-I’ll say, much better than the rubbishy UK one-I mean, the house wasn’t even tidy or well designed! I guess the one in the UK was much more informative though so as soon as anybody watches it, they’ll immediately know what everything’s about…
    I do like the Dubstep and cool lighting up rooms in this one-very cool

  • NintendoMan :D

    Great commercial and awesome special effects! I am glad they put in Wii U’s signature slogan “How U Will Play Next”.

  • TheCruzKing

    Nintendo Wii U, we put the U in the wUb wUb. Haha I like the commercial

  • richman

    the commercial looks cool they show you the many ways you can play with your family and right now Nintendo is targeting those that don’t know about the wii u yet. also for those of you that already know that the wii u is going to get hardcore games why are guys upset that they don’t show AC lll, Batman: AC and hardcore titles when I am pretty sure every hardcore gamer knows the wii u has hardcore games the bottom line is this commercial is for the casuals that don’t know about the wii u yet. so stop being so worked up about a commercial because it doesn’t certain core titles.

    • nice

      blablabla… itยดs not a hardcore game, itยดs called “core game” because of itยดs non-casual-character. you can pay me later.

      • nice

        hardcore is what we adults play when you kids are sitting in front of your gaming machine ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Maverick-Hunter

    God could they have used more annoying music seriously only music more annoying than this crap was skrillex that being put to the side it was a pretty cool commercial personally I would have gone with a different song but that’s just me I did like the individuals screens thy made up the U that was pretty neat

  • nintendofreak

    it was about damn time

    • nintendofreak

      me believe nintendo did 3 great mistakes here cuz if u see it only showcased ( wow big word) d casual games therefore the people are going to be the wii u is 4 kiddies n casual….d second one is basically the same cuz most of the people playing it were little kids….d third one dey didnt put most of the oder games just like 3 and dey were casual games….even thought i love lego like every normal freak i would have loved to see more zombiu, assasin creed 3 u knw something dat shows dat the wiiu is enbracing the games dat were left out of d wii

      • nintendofreak

        but still 201 times better dan d uk commercial

      • Little Gamer

        The commercial is only for casual gamers, and all us hardcore gamers already know everything about the Wii U.

        • nintendofreak

          i guess so

  • GameChanger

    The tv ad is just fine but too many are complaining about them not showing titles like Zombi U and Batman. Nintendo is pushing 1st and 2nd party software here. This ad is for the mainstream consumers who don’t know about the Wii U. If you know about the system, it’s gamepad, what games are coming (both day 1 and through the launch window), already planned on getting one, and frequent sites like this then this ad wasn’t made for you so stop complaining. My only gripe with the ad, even though the Wii brand is very well known, is that Nintendo didn’t mention or show their name.

  • a dog with thumbs

    right 2+2=4 so why would nintendo base wiiu around TEENAGE hardcore nonsense that sells to like 0.001% of consumers advertize to everyone

    wii = everyone = massive sales

    ps3/x360 =hardcore=fail = billions in loss ,i really dont see how after the past 6 years people are still missing that FACT

    why do u want nintendo to advertize to U when U already intend on buying the wii U they dont need to advertize to a small section og the market advertize to ALL wii existing userbase and gamers and familys they need to get the message across its a new system with a new amazing controller but its still a wii also

    thats a hard nut to crack wake up hardcore doesnt work didnt wii teach you that could you imagine iphone ads that focused on tech core not general phone users

    it would be more than a bit dumb

    • nice


    • TheDavyStar

      Wii is the only home console by Ninty to go over 30 million sales. Consider that ps3 and xbox got over 60 million sales each and 2+2=Fanboys in our midst.

      Hell NO did they ever make billions in loss, don’t be so flipping ridiculous!

      • Nintedward

        All what you said was wrong lol. The NES , SNES and N64 all sold over 30 million. And for the first 4 years of the 360 and ps3 , they litteraly lost billions in the hope of making it all back eventualy which they just have started doing.

        • TheDavyStar

          They have at least made A profit *Twiddles thumbs* but I feel awkward about all the rest.

          • Nintenjoe

            NES 62,000,000
            SNES 49,000,000
            N64 32,000,000
            GC 22,000,000
            Wii 100,000,000
            Wii U 1,000,000,000,000,000

            These aren’t sales figures just estimates of how much hatred these consoles have suffered from Sega, Sony and MS fanboys.

            I don’t know why the GC got off so lightly

  • nice

    i wonder if the actors get narcotics to smile that stupid on every single nintendo spot ๐Ÿ˜€

  • link 5

    Why the hell r there so many kids in the commercial they could of atleast showed zombie u in a part with a grown man playing Jany they were trying to get the casuals for now

  • Madmagican

    I’m a little sad that they didn’t really clarify what the Wii U actually IS. Most casual players don’t even know that the Wii U is an 8th gen console and instead would believe that it’s an add-on for the Wii. …I hope we get a commercial to really showcase what the system can do soon

  • TheDavyStar

    Where’s ZombiU? Just so the 12-year-old COD players don’t act like chavs.

    • Little Gamer

      It’s a commercial for “Casual Gamers” All us hardcore gamers already know about the console and the third party games.

  • TheDavyStar

    I mainly prefer the UK ad because it does a better job of showing what it is and plus, it assures mature gamers. (I’m not a mature gamer for clarification, but I know what my mates are like)

    • Unity

      Assures mature gamers? With what, Adam Buxton going “sping sping sping”?! I think not.

      • TheDavyStar

        Okay, so maybe the ‘Sping sping sping!’ bit was ridiculous but now they know there’s some killer mature games to have (They showed ZombiU, the be-all-end-all of Ninty prejudice in my eyes)

  • Das Segl

    Good first commercial to get the word out and to appeal to the family.

    But they need something that has someone older than 12 playing the console!!

    • Grodus

      I agree, the only time it wasn’t ether a family or people 6-10 years old was 3 seconds of TVii.

  • Nintenjoe

    The amount of hate on youtube is insane!

    Do iPhone/Apple things get trolled this much?

    I can’t wait for the end of the month!

  • WiiUhyper

    Lol, Wii U daily is right, All the hardcore gamers already know about the Wii U (all of us looking at Wii U news), nintendo shouldnt be worried

  • Little Gamer

    Kinda upset in the fact they didn’t say that it’s a new console with a new controller. All they said was that it was fun and it’s a new way to play. Some casual gamers would still think that the Gamepad is just an add-on for the Wii. But overall, nothing to worry about!

  • TheUNation

    Since the North American Wii U commercial focuses on 100% Nintendo published titles rating E-E10+, I have to say it’s a great start for the Big N promoting the Wii U to the casual market. Business is good… I’m glad that Nintendo have created to Wii U to aim at three types of gamers– casual, hardcore (especially hardcore Nintendo titles), and passionate gamers.

    As the countdown to Generation U continues, we’ll look forward to rated T-M titles from Nintendo and its third party publishers.

    How U Will Play Next

  • Josh

    I still think the UK one was much better in showing what the Wii U is.

  • yusuke

    i personally think the commercial was okay for a first commercial. im quite sure that hard core gamers really wont think much of it but its not about the commercial for them, its how well hardcore games play on the system. the wii u is right around the corner so we shall see

  • redclow

    This video was kinda lame… ๐Ÿ™

  • Fireheart

    This campain is sick I love it. I don’t know why all the morons on YouTube are complaining about this ad. It shows some great games and people having fun. Who cares if your not going to by Sing, or if you don’t care for Lego City. The ad is for casual gamers who don’t know about Wii U yet, and I’m sure a lot of “hardcore” gamers will see many ads soon. Besides that what’s the difference if it’s casual or hardcore I for one don’t care as long as the game is fun to play. Besides I don’t call myself a “gamer” I call myself a person who likes playing games. Why should we as people who love videogames be labeled as Gamers anyways. We don’t call people who love watching movies “moviers”. Just had to get that of my chest who cares what people think if we like to play games.

  • Reali-tGlitch

    I am actually disappointed.

    Sure, attracting casual gamers is good, but Nintendo said they were hoping to recapture the hardcore; they will never do that with commercials like this. They are actually furthering their own stereotypes (which typically bear negative connotation). Come on, Nintendo; there are ways to show off M for Mature games without showing the actual mature content. You’ll never recapture the violence/seriousness lovers if you don’t show it off.

  • Grodus

    I give it a meh… for the visual and a Nii-iiice! for the music. [insert Grodus stamp of approval here]

  • samuDC

    Nintendo is making a big mistake for focusing to much on the casual gamers. Casual gamers will say “i allready can do this on my wii”. Let’s face it, the casual games for the wiiU are allmost exactly the same as for the wii. If nintendo doesn’t focus enough on the hardcore gamers, they will lose the rest of the hardcore gamers that still have faith in nintendo. I love nintendo, but i hate their casual games!

  • D2K

    For those whom are saying that this commercial is not good enough to attract the so-called ‘hardcore’ gamers, ask yourself a few questions.

    1. A true ‘hardcore’ gamer already knows everything there is to know about the Wii U (that is available) and the games there-in that pertain to that genre.

    2. A true ‘hardcore’ gamer is probably playing a game right now rather than watching TV.

    3. If a gamer has to wait to hear about a system that was announced over a year ago from a television commercial, it probably isn’t a “hardcore” gamer.

    Granted, I’ll give you that they commercial should have been a little more balanced showing a mixed bag of all the Wii U has to offer. If you remember the hype trailers for the N64 back in 1996 (I tried to find a link to it but could not) it had a little bit of everything.

    Super Mario 64, Wave Race, Killer Instinct Gold, Star Wars: Shadows Of The Empire, Blast Corps, Turok: the Dinosaur Hunter, etc.

    However there were at least two versions of that commercial. I remember of on the did not have KI or Turok in it. So maybe they plan to do another commercial that blends in some of the more hardcore titles.

  • thejam216

    A much better advert compared to the UK one ๐Ÿ˜› I wonder what Australia will get? =]

  • Linskarmo (3DS FC: 5284-2360-9145)

    I think it was a good commercial, but the music didn’t seem to fit the atmosphere. I think it would have been wise to include some “hardcore” games as well, but this is just a first commercial.

  • Thegiursea

    Get rid of the singing games and I’d actually like this ad.

  • Elite

    The commercial really hits home. I think it was better than the uk one that has aired. Cant wait to get my hands on this console

  • Fat Albert

    Wii U, Wii Mii, Wii Wii

  • wellsberg

    many people who don’t know any better might think:
    1. It’s a handheld
    2. a new controller for the Wii
    3. a handheld that works with the TV and the Wii

    Also needs more Mature games in there haha

  • Gillian

    Lol releasing ads when most of preorders are not available

  • Rage quit

    Yeah it’s only a few dys until it comes out for Walmart think about how many people are at Walmart around in the us and not long until the wiiu comes out I wonder if they would still have updates once they will have the wiiu out by November 18 man my bet right now is everyone is like we can’t wait just a few more days and there is another ay to get it go to bk site it will go until 12/2/12 it is a wiiu giveaway not won yet but good good luck whoever tries it

  • Smitty

    Its abit of an agressive advert …

  • bb

    Who minecraft fans I am one my self we. Should have minecraft on wiiu because it would different from all other console agree I do

  • Pretzelman5280

    Does anybody know what the name of the actor is that plays the sister that blocks the tv screen?