Dec 20th, 2012

UK catalogue retailer ‘’  currently has for sale individual Wii U Gamepad Controllers. The price on the website for the controller is £89, which is roughly around $145. The website claims to have them in stock with delivery of the product to a UK address within 2 working days. Both the black and white versions are currently available to purchase. There currently is no need or benefit to owning a second GamePad, other than perhaps needing one to replace a broken GamePad controller that may not be covered under warranty.

The link to the page where the controllers are available to buy can be found here:

But for the price of £89 / $145,  in the future when there is a possible need for a second gamepad controller, would you consider buying one? Or is this price set too high?

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  • AAAkabob

    Hopefully the official price goes down as tech gets less expensive.

  • Mickey Mouse

    I’d consider one when games that support 2 come out. Btw wiiudaily, how would a controller not be covered under warranty just now as there’s still the standard 1 year warranty on all systems, unless someone was proven to have abused their gamepad.

    • Calvin Bowens

       You accidentally dropping it in the pool?!

  • Calvin Bowens

    I think it’s expensive for just the gamepad.

  • Kuzon

    I think a good question to ask is how did they get these Gamepads only?

    If Nintendo isn’t selling them like this yet, are these from Wii U systems that no longer have them?

    And is this an Official price for the pad from Nintendo or are they just making it up?

  • Gabe Hoffman
  • Threinfhir
  • A bit expensive imo, won’t be bothered to buy a secondary gamepad unless games come which support it and the game doing so is worth it to buy at all, for some reason I feel they’ll be used on sports games first, and I hardly ever buy a sports games. So pass for me for the time being.

  • X3Charlie

    I’ll wait ’til it reaches $100.00 I also wish Nintendo would start selling the Wiimote Plus and the Nunchuck together at $50.00. I don’t think at this point they should still cost the same :/

  • TheLast

    No don’, that’s a terrible idea. At least wait until people know it isn’t a Wii with a new controller.

  • price is waay to high. 70$ is a bit more acceptable.

  • I am one of the few people on EARTH that need to buy one of these.
    DAMN I wish this was real!

  • Mr. Resetti

    huh? probably an error, I know Japan is the only place announced so far to have individual Gamepads on sale and I’m sure other places will get them soon enough – this is probably a placeholder thingamajig before the price or availability is confirmed by the big N.

  • MetroidZero

    Sure hope mine doesn’t break…

  • ConCity Soldier

    I wish! I want to have a 2 Gamepads because of the low battery life.  I can always have one Gamepad charging while using another one. But until then….

  • Bianca Galindo

    Can someone in the US order one?