Oct 23rd, 2012 publishUpdated   Oct 27th, 2012, 11:03 am

The Wii U launch is just under one month away, and one eager Nintendo fan has already lined up for get a console. Travis “Triforce” Johnson, an avid Nintendo gamer and always one of the first ones to get in line for a new Nintendo console, has set up camp in front of the Nintendo World Store in New York.

He posted the below photo on Twitter and announced that he plans to become the first person in the world to get a Wii U console. Last year, he waited in line for over a week to be the first one to get a Nintendo 3DS handheld console. He’s got some long, cold November weeks ahead of him. We’re likely to see people lining up across the US in front of video game and electronics stores in the final days before launch. But we never expected someone to camp a full month head of launch.

That’s one dedicated Nintendo Wii U fan.

Wii U at Nintendo World Store


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  • dala

    what a fudgepacker

    • Ninjafish

      This’ll probably get downvoted, but,

      • somebody

        believe me, i met that guy, i met him today when i was in nintendo world store, that is cool but VERY CRAZY at the same time.

        • ZombieGuns

          Where does he take a dump? On the sidewalk?

          • somebody

            he just have a chair and a big backpack

          • nick

            good question btw where does he piss

        • The other dude

          I really like Nintendo but I just can’t see this as something cool. It’s just silly.

          • somebody


          • somebody

            now there are 15 people waiting in line XD

      • theBALLANCEDopinion


        • BananaPwnz

          That doesn’t even makes seance.

          • WTF!

            Seance?! LMFAO!

    • NintendoWizard87


    • NavyBlueYoshi

      What is that anyway?
      Too bad Mr Miyamoto already has a wii U, and Atlantic timezone gets midnight release, maybe he will be one of the first thousand?

      • Bicentennial_Pidgeon

        New York IS Atlantic 😛

        • Nate

          New York is Eastern not Atlantic by the way. Still, the guy seems crazy for waiting so long.

          • HOBO

            I want a wiiu, but seriously? He’s going to wait a month to get one?

          • Nintenlord

            Lol is same thing

          • jon

            thumbs up if you have been having dreams about the wii u lately 😀

          • chad

            Sorry Atlantic people but the folks in Newfoundland Canada will get their mid night releases 1/2 hour before you as well – given they have their own time zone.

      • Erick

        Mine was already shipped so I’ll probably get it before him.

    • Asiancake

      I will be the first one this time

    • totesawks

      Tea over my monitor. funny as

    • Nko Sekirei

      gtfo u cactus banger no one wats to hear from a troll that bangs cactus and prickley pears.On the other note dont be a disrespectful jack@$$

      • asdf

        Look who’s being the “disrespectful jack@$$”

    • ziggy

      lol let him wait mine is pre order”d and waiting for me on nov 18 comon sense people

    • SideScreamer

      This guy is a moron.
      Seriously, it’s at least a month left, and he’s going to camp out in one of the most dangerous cities in the world? Watch the hobos of New York feast upon his corpse.
      I hope he gets mugged.
      That, or someone steals his Wii U just as he leaves the store with it.

      • Gavin

        Did you seriously just call New York one of the most dangerous cities in the world? I mean… its not like you can be uninformed, you’re on the internet for goodness sake! Check out some world news for once!

        PS. As much as I want the Wii U, I don’t think its worth camping outside a store for a month [on my own] when I can easily just pre-order in the warmth 🙂

      • NightºƒCore

        Lol, he managed to camp out there before for the Wii and 3DS, maybe he carries around a handgun in his backpack xD

      • GreyVoice

        Not even. Just watch him trip and drop it. XD

    • dr scoobie

      i hope he pre-ordered
      otherwise he’s gonna be pissed!.

      • DragonChi

        chances are, if he is that dedicated (or crazy, however you want to see it) to get the Wii U THAT soon, it stands to reason that he was probably one of the first to pre-order. If he didn’t, then…thats just..both contradictory and stupid.

    • kevo

      I don’t get this. why wait so long when all you had to do was go to gamestop and preorder it if he’s such a big nintendo fan? how does he make any money? did he tell his boss yeah ill be back in a month i gotta go get a wii u. damn just pay an extra 150 and buy it off ebay if you’re that crazy about it. Im gonna go to gamestop at 1220 when the line is almost gone and walk in pick it up and go home. 20 minutes is all it will take for me to get it and get home.

  • pdxmojo81

    um, which one is he?

    • yorgen

      seriously where the bloody hell is he 😛
      it’s almost the same as trying to find waldo xP

    • JD

      My guess: out of shape guy in sweats = gamer

      • Elite

        The fact he is center of the picture i would shoot for that too.

      • Ryu No Hadouken

        he’s not pictured….he’s a tall black guy with cornrows and always wears his power glove

    • AcesHigh


    • the guy

      he’s behind the camera taking the photo of the store

    • sehxualpanda

      he’s the one with the big invisible sign over his head, “Forever Alone”

    • Lusunup

      He seems to be one of the two looking at the camera chacho or the guy holding his bag with two hands

      • Darkmanext

        the 1 in the the light blue jacket

    • Lazyboy88

      he took the picture xD

    • NightºƒCore

      The guy in crutches xD

    • ziggy

      new york is flooded if he wants to wait his dumb ass can wait

  • theBALLANCEDopinion


    • theBALLANCEDopinion

      Oh btw, doesn’t it rain in New York this time of year? Poor guy.

  • Greg

    A month ahead is a bit much…

    • Mida

      More like downright stupid. Utter disgrace to Nintendo fans everywhere

      • Kahhhhyle

        Lol jeez bro. I agree it’s crazy but to call it a disgrace is a bit much huh?

      • Mac

        how is it a disgrace to nintendo fans if he wants to camp out a month in advance? if anything hes showing what it is to be a true nintendo fan. sorry, (and this may get downvoted) but your comment was just stupid

        • RoboticLink

          Hey guys, don’t get mad at me just cuz I’m getting a Wii u before you.


        • Game Master

          Right on, if I was living on my own and had no work, I woud be right there with him.

          • NightºƒCore

            he probably gets paid to do that

      • Nko Sekirei

        like u dumb@$$ ur more of a troll then one of us nintendo gamers

      • VX

        Yes, definitely disgraceful. How dare they try and get the latest, greatest system as soon as they can? We should be giving applause to the upstanding, righteous citizens who steal from those who bought the system, or those who buy a bunch and sell online for twice the price.

        • Captain Potato

          LOL!!! 🙂


      My thought is he doesn’t have work, school, family etc for a whole month? Did he take vacation? So his vacation is laying on concrete for a month. I am one of the biggest Nintendo Fan-boy’s I know BUT I am sorry “Tri-force” that is pushing all thought of logic man…

      • JumpMan

        yup, my guess is he’s got nothin’ better to do.

        • Kyron

          Maybe he’s getting paid to do it. If that’s the case, then we all would look like a bunch of fools. (with the dunce hat on top)

  • Evan

    He could be the first one in the world to own a Wii U by just pre-ordering it in a temperature-controlled environment like we did.

  • Elite

    Hard not to judge this guy. I love Nintendo, but one month that could be used to production or schooling. Shoot even a vacation.

    • Wildman

      “The quasi-celebrity gamer runs a digital culture company and has even worked with Nintendo on some promotions, so he’s unlikely to be moved on before he earns a third Reggie Fils-Aime happy snap for his collection.”

      Seems pretty productive to me.

      • Elite

        How much money is he going to make?

        • NightºƒCore

          A good couple of thousand? He probably gets the consoles free 2 O.o

      • ziggy

        doe not make him smart sitting like a pourch monkey lotering in front of a damn store cop need to tell him to move along for real

  • nintendofreak

    im speech less

  • LogicalDude

    That would be a good plan if there wasn’t a midnight release in the Atlantic time zone.

    • AcesHigh

      To be fair, Nintendo will probably mandate that the first units in North Americal go on sale at this store. They mandate the release dates of their retailers. I’d imagine that they’d start selling at 11:59 or sometime before midnight to make a big PR deal of the first WiiUs being released in North America. I believe they did the exact same thing in 2006 for the wii release

  • homer

    what a jerk

    • nintendo forever

      how is he a jerk man he just got there first

    • Captain Potato

      He’s not only waiting in line for the worlds best video game system, he’s also going for the Guinness World Record of longest wait in line for a video game system! It’s a fame thing….he’s not crazy at all!!

      • NightºƒCore

        and he’s getting money for it. Probably.

  • Trev

    If you pre ordered I am not sure what the point would be in campin out?

    • Novum Magus

      There is no point lol, but it is pretty funny to see some moron think there is. I feel bad for the second through tenth people in line, this guy is going to smell like a garbage truck…

    • Wildman

      Isaiah “Triforce” Johnson wants to be first so he can get his console signed by Reggie and the Nintendo gang.
      The guy has awards and broke records. He’ll be in the big news for this launch.

      • Trey and Matt

        Award: The Biggest Douche in the Universe? Oh wait, that goes to the guy who thinks he can talk to ghosts….

      • ziggy

        who gives a damn i preorderd mine 4 month ago

    • Daemonrunner

      I think he just wants to be the first to have one in possession. He may very well have pre-ordered the system, but he wants to have it at like 12:00:01 or something.

      I think he is being a little extreme, but he got his 15 minutes.

    • Nko Sekirei

      u gotta have to deal with long lines and fist fights over the new console and also being trampled by dozens of gamers

  • BigH 118

    That’s just insane. I hope his body is ready.

    • NintendoMan :D

      He better not be one of those people who is the first one to buy some big new thing then smashes it.

      • Madmagican

        Sure the Wii U gamepad doesn’t smash, But will it blend?

      • Mac

        hes a dedicated and hardcore nintendo fan. people may call themself hardcore nintendo fan but the fact that he has gotten every nintendo console first (besides the gamecube but he did have it second) makes him more hardcore than anyone. why would he camp out for a month just to smash a console

        • NintendoMan :D

          @madmagican Do you mean bend it or blend it in a blender. Both would be pretty epic to watch. 😀

          • JumpMan

            i would have to cry if i watched that…

  • Stazkun

    HAHAH WOW this guy man I’ll give him 5 stars for his love to nintendo lol but geez camping out that long I don’t even wanna go pick up my pre order at midnight my bro is doing it for me I don’t want to wait in the cold 🙁

  • Major Beauner

    This man is a true Nintendo fan, and has balls made of steel!! Screw all the dickheads who think he is a douche, this dude ROCKS!!!!

    • JumpMan

      hope for his sake that they’re not made of steel… that would be the worst kind of cold.

  • Colton

    loln00b real fans have been in line since July.

  • that guy^^^^^^^^ up there is U MAD

    to those wondering hows he make his money i think he gets money from doing these things he has a cult following and im sure theres some marketing profits involved

    anyone remember that GAMEJEW were did he go to he was funny at wiiu release with his guitar

    • Elite

      I am pretty sure you are refering to me. I am just a curious person is all. You can only wonder what his financial situation is to be able to do this. I can only assume things. Example: Having someone bring him food twice a day, having someone clean out his poop pan, wipe him down every now and then, pay his rent for the month, ect. Na i am pretty sure he will have someone periodically take his place in line for him to freshin up. But seriously i can only imagine.

      • NightºƒCore

        Im pretty sure he isn’t sitting in front of Nintendo EVERY day. He probably goes of to buy food or whatever. Not like anyones gonna come take his place xD

  • Mida

    Im going to be completely honest; this guy has problems. Why the hell would you wait THIS early? What was he thinking?!

  • Volcano

    Wow. what a dedicated fellow. maybe he wants to make a record…

  • Marioravesto3d

    I guess the guy as a lot of time on is hands.

    • RoboticLink

      Yup. Though it may pass by quickly because he probably brought every nintendo handheld with all their games.

  • Yodin

    i do not see him where is he LOL or is he camping up in the second floor building i see there with the name Nintendo WORLD 🙂

  • Kav

    Please WiiuDaily explain the users who is this man and why he does this, there is no need for comments like the ones above, he is not a regular jhon doe like us, he was the first to get the 3ds, the wii, the ds and the gamecube, he is the owner of a big videogame company and he is friends with Reggie.

    • NightºƒCore

      *cough* 2nd to get the gamecube *cough*

  • joejoe

    What a idiot. I am a proud Nintendo Fan but I already have pre-ordered it. Just because he is there does not mean he will get the first won world wide. other stores like Gamestop will be selling it the exact same time and I’m pretty sure there are many people that will get it seconds before he does. This guy needs a Job..

  • LaLlamaqueLlama

    Dedication, more like jobless guy

    • Mac

      he is starring in a movie called kings of chinatown which im pretty sure pays him. why are you talking about people you dont know. think about what you said. “dedication, more like jobless guy” you saying he is jobless implies that he has no money. if he didn’t have money, why the fuck would he stand in front of the store in the first place. think before you comment and stop talking about people you dont know about

      • Elite

        Can’t get mad at him, how the *#$% is he supposed to know who this guy is. I assumed the same thing.

  • Erazor

    He will most likely get sponsored. Free advertising for Nintendo xD

  • Smokey cheese

    I’m pretty sure Reggie fils Aimee will probably have one first.perks of the job I’m sure!

  • Eric

    BIG DUMMY!!! Doesn’t he know walmart will sell it at midnight the day before?

  • safcalibur

    Beat THAT David Blaine haha!

  • Nintedward .

    Just lettin you guys know!!! I have an agreement with my local store which means I will be the (joint) first person to get his hands on wiiu in UK!!! Unless A big HMV gives someone a few seconds early :(.

    otherwise – FIIIIIRRRSSTTT!!!!!!!!

    • NintendoMan :D

      First one to have one maybe, but definitely not the first to go hands on. lol 😀

      • RoboticLink

        Nintedward is one lucky man!!!

      • Nintedward .

        I went hands on a week and a half ago 😛 . Where did you go ???

        • Kid4ever

          That made no sense nintedward, and You will be getting console after millions of people got it already do don’t be happy

  • just nin10do

    he is A real nin10do fan=a crazy nintendo fan but he is false im first who will buy the wiiU

    • Cugno the Swiss

      The subtle difference between being a fan and being brainless.

    • just nin10do

      Why dislike!!? İ love him because he always buy nintendo consoles

  • Cugno the Swiss

    A genius. I’d like to have a third of his time to study for university.

  • Chris

    I think the only reason why he is doing this is because he wants bragging rights and to show off how “Awesome” he is for getting a console early.

    I’m excited for the Wii U too but.. I’m only going to go to the launch night which is a day before the launch day. Now that is what I call being sane.

  • Shankovich

    Even Link would say f*** it if he had to spend that long in a dungeon

    • Nintendude

      Just like that water temple…

      • Madmagican

        no matter how many times you play through it, you’ll never memorize that pit of death… *shudder* Water Temple….I’ve literally spent days in that place

        • RoboticLink

          It’s called a walkthrough…

          • Kyron

            It’s called beating the game on your own.

  • Shane

    Ya, this is a waste of time for me anyway. I waited in line for the Wii, for 2 hours on launch day, and got everything I planned to. There WERE people waiting in line for a week in tents outside of Best Buy in my area, but obviously it wasn’t worth it in my eyes. I can understand being the first one in the world to get the Wii U, but I was 30th in line, and I still made it home before everyone else that was in line(probably), because I live pretty close to Best Buy. Plus, is there even a midnight launch at Nintendo World Store? I’m sure there is, but 6 or so hours that you can’t wait is crazy. People have jobs, and kids. I guess he called in sick and put his kids in a daycare for Wii U launch. Haha.

  • Alienfish

    The days of waiting in line to get your console have been over for a few years now. I’m going to the store probably an hour before midnight and have no doubt in my mind that I will be getting my console because I already paid for that beast. This guy is dumb.

  • ceramicsaturn

    Where does he work, and can I please get hired there? I’d love to have over 4 weeks of vacation a year.

  • Synergy

    Whatever floats his boat..

  • Indy

    I heard he’s a professional gamer way back when 3ds was coming out. That would explain why he has time.

  • Mariolgy101

    HAHAHAHA that is all.

  • podge79

    God i hope it snows

    • NintendoMan :D

      Its supposed to snow in pennsylvania on halloween. sorry off topic lol.

    • Elite

      You mean hails(baseball size)

  • ssb43dsFC3007 8585 6950

    Wow. God bless that man.

  • NintendoGamer

    I am sorry, but that is just silly.

  • Edgar

    Wait, his name is Isaiah-Triforce Johnson, not Travis #corrections .

    • ryan

      are you sure


    This one is WAY too easy.

  • TheDavyStar

    I salute Blind Devotion.

  • ThisGuy

    thats kinda awsome, thats is a true fan

  • Nintendoh

    Now that’s what you call a true Nintendo die hard. For someone to wait in line for almost a month to get a console, you would need to be a true Nintendo fan.

  • Kaizen

    I bet he is going smash it right after getting it for a YouTube video haha. That would piss a lot of people off..

    Anyway…. guy has some balls… and a lot of time… maybe the Bear Grylls of gaming…? **Damn… 3DS ran out out of battery… better drink my own piss***

  • Zeldazero

    Point being, just because he is pathetic enought to stand in line for 27 days doesn’t make him the biggest Nintendo fan, it makes him the most pathetic. Thinking that standing there for 27 days makes him get his console any faster than a guy at you local Gamestop who was waiting first in line for 4 hours (been there). You want the truth, if he is waiting in New York City at midnight, somewhere else midnight happened an hour ago and the guy at the front of that line is already home playing his Wii U and didnt wait 27 days.

    • Nintendomination

      An hour ahead of NYC would be somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean…. soooo

      • NintendoMan :D

        Build a best buy in bermuda and everybody go there to get there Wii U first! 😀

      • Zeldazero

        I’m only saying it is a victory only in his own mind obviously I didn’t mean literally an hour difference. He in no way or form will be the first person with a Wii U. I would like to know more about this guys background, does he have a job, does he live with his parents, is he rich, or is he buying this Wii U with his welfare check that the rest of us earned for him…I just want to know what kind of guy has 27 days of his life to throw away…

        • Kav

          Then please, please just google him, then maybe, just maybe you will learn that he is something like a profesional gamer, not a regular fan.

        • Mac

          oh yeah because the US dont sell the wii u first europe does…OH WAIT asia does :O AUSTRAILIA -________-

          • Katzelle3

            Wii U release date:
            North America: November 18th
            Europe, Australia and New Zealand: November 30th
            Japan: December 8th

      • frank (3dsFC=5155-3120-0417)

        Actually the part of canada is an hour ahead of NYC, so…

  • DreDaGreat32

    This guy is nuts but i love is dedication……but I have an situation on my hands that i need help with. First off i wanna say that as of right now i dont have a console but plan on getting one early next year, but here’s the problem. I’m having a tough time deciding on getting either a ps3 or a wii u. Its like everytime ive made a decision, I rethink and make another decision. I’ve played the Wii U at my local best buy and thought it was AMAZING. My only complaint about the console is looking back and forth at the TV and the screen on the controller. The controller though big just felt right. The way the controller compliments the hands was just perfect but i just cant decide. There’s pros and cons on both sides but the one reason why im leaning more towards the ps3 is because of GTA 5. That is a must play, day one buy game but then I look at the wii u’s future and see HD Zelda and a real Mario game (not SMBU) and also the games they have at launch like AC3 which is suppose to the better version and ZombieU and im back at sqaure one. Im looking for positive feedback. Thanks

    • NintendoMan :D

      My PS3 broke after one and a half years and the Wii U is more than twice as powerful as PS3. That change your mind?

    • Hangman

      Wii U for longevity if nothing else

  • FemmeFatale

    Oh dear… That is one motivated man…

  • srpg2ishere

    It really doesn’t matter to be the First one who get’s It. I mean that guy could be camping out there until november 18 2012 at midnight and then the truck arrives with the Wii U’s and he says ” Oh my god!! Yessss!!!!!!” And then at 12:01 A guy whose been enjoying the warmth of his house just sitting there watching spongebob comes out, walks across street. “Oh. The Wii U’s are here.” (Picks up his Wii U) LOL But seriously he is a TRUE nintendo fan. Thank you uh.. dude.

  • srpg2ishere

    I am actually glad that nintendo took the wii u and showed it to companies like ea and sega and ubisoft because those are some BIG companies that have GREAT games. -Sigh- Can’t wait for the next sonic game.

  • DerikGotro64

    Now THATs an insignificant virgin

  • Tbone51

    This guy might of been 1st for the 3DS but he wont be for the Wii U… 2 wait a month for anything is crazy.
    What he doesnt realize is that he WONT be the 1st person in the world with the console (idiot). There’s a contest right now and 5 winners will get a wii u b4 launch!
    Contest is on upicuparty.com if u dont believe me. Anywayzzz next console that releases4 nintendo im gonna go there 1st and take his spot lmao. (not really)

  • Nintendude


    • NintendoMan :D

      ^ ^
      0 0

  • Wii U is next gen

    Mines already paid for and will get before anyone else my friend owns gamestop and will get mine first ..so happy yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • LyingTuna

    Yeah… I am going up at, like, 10 or 11 o’clock on november 17th. Wow. This is serious dedication. Sir, I salute you.

  • TheRedSnifit

    I think that he should get a job, and a girlfriend :p

  • Ledreppe

    What an idiot, he thinks he’ll get the first Wii U in the world just because he’s camped out first. There’ll be lots of people who could get it the day before launch if they pre-ordered it online. I got my 3ds the day before launch, and beat all those suckers who claim they’re getting it first at midnight. We’re living in the 21st century, queuing up outside the store doesn’t mean you’ll be the first.

    • Wii U Fan Central

      He might as well just beg to get his Wii U now instead of waiting doing nothing.

  • Ryu No Hadouken

    I dont see him n the pic…he’s a tall black guy with cornrows and he ALWAYS wears his Power Glove

  • Arsonist Monkey


  • podge79

    Dre da great. Simple solution for u. Buy both consoles. I will be the proud owner of both consoles wen the wiiu is released as i already have a ps3 and will be picking up wiiu launchday. Both systems have great exclusive titles. Wiiu for zelda etc..maybe gta aswell..who knows.but also ps3 for the uncharted series and not to mention naughty dogs new game..The last of us which is out next year. So i say.. Save up ur pennies and buy both. Dont fall in to the fanboy category. There is no need wen u can enjoy both of these great consoles

    • Wii U Fan Central

      Did you guys hear ’bout da ipad mini?

  • Smitty

    He will be moved on surely, a month is just crazy!?

  • youtube/KrayAmbition

    wow nice to see somebody is devoted to the nintendo!

    • Wii U Fan Central

      Don’t worry he’ll go home after a day or two. Also am I the only one who uses proper punctuation.(Capitals, Periods, Commas.) Sorry, next to the time Iwata actualy commented on a subject on this site, nobody used proper punctuation.

      • LP

        You are NOT writing properly. It is ACTUALLY, not actualy. And then, you are captioning words after a comma, you could do that to emphasize on something, but here there is just no use.
        Be very secure and sure that you are doing things perfectly before making statements as you did, or else you end up looking like an ass, (comma) which you did sir.

        • Wii U Fan Central

          Sorry, my mistake.

  • Chris

    What an idiot.

  • Madmagican

    I couldn’t imagine waiting that long for a Wii U; sure I’d love to, but I just don’t have the time or money…. when’s he gonna eat?

    • Wii U Fan Central

      Doesn’t have to find food. The guy has so much swag the poor finds him food. Seriously, from the bottom of my heart. No offence to the poor.

  • dojo

    wow wee thats one dedicated person i amdmire his ddication ROCK ON BRO

  • WiiUHyper

    Thats the CrAzYiest I have ever heard, I truely do think he is going to be the first person in the world to get their hands on the wii U…GO TRAVIS TRIFORCE!!!!!!

  • Starfoxguy

    Well someone is a little impatient.

  • Bob

    Does this guy have a job? If he can afford to be in line this far in advance he must be very well off to afford not working for 4 weeks. Is he trying to set a world record or something? The console will still be available 4 after its release. That is why I am not lining up. Besides you can buy it on line and never leave home while you play with your old Wii until it arrives at your door. Hope he is not disappointed with the console.

  • Peter yasso

    Omg thats me in the blue and white jacket!! I was there yesterday!! Didnt realize he was there with a camera..

    • Wii U Fan Central

      That’s not smart to admit on the internet.

      • Wii U Fan Central

        Your old too. I’m 11!

  • burnannator

    please be a kid please be a kid please be a kid ohhhhhhh not its not XD

  • Waddifat

    There needs to be a smash my wii u video just like smash my wii. I’m not trying to sound like I hate Nintendo, I love Nintendo truly I do,but those big fanboys. Anyways I would like to see a video a like again.

  • Derp

    “Wii U is not building enough hype.” I can see contradiction here.

  • homer

    i´ll get mine before he can even think of having a clear mind. fuck those idiotic drugs

  • marioU

    he broke the world record? good job dude

  • Geemes

    I bet the second guy will show up about an hour before launch and get his console about 2 minutes after that guy gets his.

    • ridley vs. samus

      more like a week and a half before launch. but same point.

  • Amherst

    Sorry, but it’s probably not him. Likely one of his cronies who will be doing the waiting for him until the very end, similar to what he did with the 3DS. The guy is really a tool once you read up on him, not really dedication but more of having a big head and wanting to be first at everything.

  • Joesatmoes

    a nonth b4 launch is a bit over the top. however, as long as he does stuff OTHR than Nintendo related things in his life, its okay

  • ridley vs. samus

    what the heck?
    i am as hyped for the console as anyone else is, but nothing warrants waiting in line for a MONTH

  • Whirlwindyoshi

    I know a game store that likes to break street dates on the sly, it won’t be official but he won’t be the first.

  • WiiUhyper

    Very funny derp

  • Jetty

    Must be great to have enough money to camp for one month, then shell out 400 bucks for a video game console. Stupid me, I have to slave just to get f#@king Tekken in December to break even. I’m going to open another bank account and start saving up for 2018, when Nintendo releases the Wii Thrii. Oh yeah, I take credit for that name.

  • Christian

    Holy crap, that guy’s gonna get hypothermia!

  • DiMM

    Damn, I pre-ordered mine on GameStop right away with the fastest shipping option. So I’ll probably get my WiiU a 1-2 days after, but shit… This guy is a crazy motherfucker. I wouldn’t go this far just to have it first. Respect to this man… I think…

  • Dan

    No need to build hype,,, its going to be a hard find a wii u this xmas!!!!

  • CubeClubKiddy

    i just got my Burger King kids meal! there’s a fake Mario mustache in it and a Wii-U controller-looking plastic case for my new ‘stache!

  • Disciplelicious

    Good for him!

  • TheBaconator

    I went camping before, but there were a lot more trees, grass and not as much people :p

  • Yodin

    That does not mean he’s the first one to get a Wii U in the whole world then anyone does, i do not believe that statement, he;’s not the only one gets the first Wii U.

  • Kris

    This doesn’t make any sense, does it? People could just walk out of the shop the day before the launch and put themselves in front of him lol

  • Armani

    Ill actually wanna know where this guy works at… Taking a month vacation sounds pretty neat! Haha

  • Adam Fox

    someone should go throw stuff at him…..newspapers, tomatoes, etc…not to hurt him…just to torment him LOL……give him something to look forward to day in and day out……i’ll be waitin on WalMart to start selling ’em at midnight since I already have systems on reserve there :)…..

  • Jasmany Leon

    What a dumbass

  • Nintendomus Prime

    I’d love it if he fell asleep and ended up not being first.

    Amazon delivered quite a few wii games to me the day before release so here’s hoping it happens with the U

  • L0L

    “His body is ready.”

  • Alex

    I’ve seen people waiting in line for up to a week but this is crazy, he could get froustbites or something like that.

  • Fireheart

    Why didn’t this guy just pre-order the system so he doesn’t have to camp out for a month to get one. He could have it payed off already and pick it up that day. Seems kind of crazy to set there for a month in the freezing cold when he could have just pre-ordered it. Thank God I pre-ordered mine so I can just pick it up anytime of the day. I have to work the graveyard shift, so I will be at work the night before, so I said better pre-order it so I have a chance to get my system. I think this guy is cool, but I also think he is crazy at the same time lol.

  • The lonely goomba

    I see you’re first,
    It would be a shame if…
    Someone threw a blue shell.

  • SteampunkJedi (3DS FC: 5284-2360-9145)

    That’s dedication border-lining on insanity, in my opinion. I’ve been to that store! But I was there way before the Wii U was set up. 🙁 I wish I had taken pictures of the upstairs display of Nintendo products. That was cool.

  • Mojo


  • Tobbe

    How u r not forced to leave the line when the huge storm hits new york. I just heard its about 375000 people evacuated.

    • Tobbe


  • WiiUhyper

    I fell bad for him, stupid sandy the hurricane has to come and wreck his waiting…

    • eli

      mabby Nintendo should Nintendofie him

  • Jasmany Leon

    Lol I guess sandy is first

  • WiiUhyper


  • bow2yoda

    Actually.. i doubt the guy will be able to wait in line now… two words Hurricane Sandy!!!

  • Carlos R



    Sandy is probably the first and ONLY thing with a girls name that touched this guy.

  • Angus Young

    It would be funny if he waits in line and makes it through hurricane sandy, then he runs into a bush to go the toilet and when he climbs out someone has taken his spot in the line.


    THIS GUY IS BEASTLY AWESOME!!! Yet it is pretty dangerous but he had the guts and I think he will do it!!!! Let me guess he is Probally chuck norriss cousin HAHAHAHAH. Okay but still it’s life so if he wants to he can but he might be a little cookoo!!!

  • Tobbe

    Sad to say m8 but u r not the first owner of a Wii U. There was a missing console at gamex this sunday. I know who took it 🙂 u now have a first chance to be the real first coz this console was a locked demo console. But my devteam is working on it. Hope i didnt spoil your time sitting there. I jave like we all do. We have respect for u. The first ppl paying for Wii U. If u didnt get the sponsors to pay for it

    • Daniel Jones

      Wow. Don’t you sound like a douche.

  • Leojobo

    I hope he knows about another storm coming today! Athena~

  • GreyVoice

    I don’t care what anyone says. I respect him. Ya’ll can suck it. 😀

  • Jonny

    Im the last comment again 🙁

  • Grodus

    Um….. Does he really need to do that THAT early!?

    P.S. @Jonny not anymore!

  • AREX

    I highly doubt that he will be the first one. Not to be that guy but say he gets the console and has to drive back home in NY traffic. That will take him about 30 min – an hour depending if he’s driving or walking. But even then he has to take down his tent and clean after himself…. There will be others infront of him. Hell, I could go the night before, be first in line (because its Canada) and walk from Walmart to my house which is across the street. Sorry I’m sick and I have nothing better to do, lol @Tobbe

  • Nintendo Fan Forever

    I don’t even think my place KNOWS about the WiiU yet.

  • MasterPpv

    Hey guys, this dude’s name is Isaiah Triforce Johnson. His first name isn’t Travis, and there’s no need to use quotes around Triforce because that’s his actual, legal middle name. Just wanted to throw that out there so you can correct it if need be.

  • mediocrechicken

    I don’t think you guys appreciate this guy’s strategy. Once he gets the Wii U, he can be the first to get a mii name (or whatever it’s called), and then with first grabs, he can get a name like Mario, and with a name like that, the console will easily be worth 10x its value. (too bad time zones may just ruin his plans)

  • Dan

    Where I’m from, NYC is 3 hours ahead of me, meaning it’ll be 9pm for me on Saturday night when it goes on sale.
    However, Atlantic Canada is 5 hours ahead of me (2 hours ahead of NYC)… so anyone that attends a midnight opening in that region, will be the first in the world to purchase a brand new Wii-U at Retail.
    I wonder if he knows this?

  • nintendowonder

    Yeah, I’ve heard of this fella. Talk about dedicated, waiting in line a month before the Wii U’s launch! (…or maybe he’s trying to make it into Guinness World Book of records 2013…) But if he’s still waiting, his wait’s about to bear fruit; all that’s left is 3 days! 72 hours! 4320 minutes! 259200 seconds! And counting… ‘Course, the final few days always seem the longest… 4 weeks ago, I’da thunk this here guy was loony for waiting in line, but here we are, with less than 70 hours to go and respect and admiration are waxing feverishly! The end is in sight; here’s hoping he doesn’t crack and go into a fit before then.

  • Poptarts214

    What most of you guys probably didnt know, coming from the official Nintendo World Store website, is that “Nintendo of America President and COO Reggie Fils-Aime will be on hand to count down the launch and sell a new Wii U to the first consumer in line. Fans waiting in line will get premium items (while supplies last) with a few surprises along the way”.

    It also says ” Please note: a pre-order is not necessary for the opportunity to purchase a Wii U™ console at the event, while supplies last”

    This guy obviously has the right idea.

  • lars knoop