Feb 6th, 2015


Remember the Xenoblade Chronicles X Japanese presentation we told you about last week? That happened last night and thanks to dedicated fans on Twitter, we now know a bit of information about the game that wasn’t available before. In recent interviews, the producers and designers of the game mentioned multiplayer, but didn’t really give us any details concerning how it work. In the most recent presentation, we learned that up to 32 players can be online and connected to one another to facilitate trading.

As for doing actual quests together, you can have a party of up to four people doing quests together. Other small details that were released during the presentation include the fact that the game will support pre-loading if you buy it digitally, and the size of the game is a whopping 22GB. They really weren’t kidding in the interview where they mentioned they were barely able to fit the game on the Wii U disc.

Are you looking forward to Xenoblade Chronicles X now? Let us know in the comments!

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