Apr 4th, 2013


We’ve known about Pokemon Rumble U for some time now, as the game will be released this month in Japan. Today the first figures have been revealed, including Bulbasaur, Pikachu, Torchic, Piplup, Lucario and Victini. An additional special figurine has yet to be confirmed for the release of the game.

Similar to Skylanders and its portal of power, these Pokemon figurines interact with the NFC chip inside the Wii U GamePad, allowing you to play with these figurines inside the game. The figurines themselves only cost 200 yen, which is around $2 USD. That’s not bad, considering Skylanders figurines retail for $9.99 for the small figures and $14.99 for the giants.


Additionally, Nintendo is releasing a carrying case for the figures for 780 yen, much like Activision did with Skylanders. It’s nice to see Nintendo embracing new ways to play and that Lucario is absolutely adorable. Will you be picking this up if it makes its way to the United States?

[via Serebii]

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  • tomtank91

    I’ve gotta be having the Pikachu and Bulbasur figures. (^-^)

  • Michael Ngo

    Cost efficient and adorable? shut up and take my money!!!

  • Super Buu


  • Just a question… It said on another article that the figures would be sold in a vending machine? So do you put in a toonie and choose who you want, or is it like a gumball machine where it’s just luck of the draw?

  • greengecko007

    They may cost less than Skylanders figures, but they also look like they are of less quality. They look really small and just cheap plastic figures, while Skylander’s figures are highly detailed and are made quite sturdy.

    Regardless, I’m not fond of the “buy em’ all” thing anyways, so I won’t be jumping on this game.

    • MehAtYourComment

      What do you expect for 2$ !?
      Highly detailed, hand-made, metal statues?! xDD

      • greengecko007

        That’s what I mean. There’s nothing wrong with them being cheap, but there is an obvious reason for it, because they are made cheaper. It doesn’t really matter though becuase that won’t affect the game at all.

    • Jesus Eduardo Lara Ortiz

      Considering that’s how they will probably look on the game, I say they are pretty much detailed.

      • greengecko007

        It’s exactly how they look on the game. They are going with a geometric style appearance, which is perfectly fine. But everyone is going crazy over how much cheaper they are compared to Skylander’s, but not mentioning that it’s because they aren’t as high quality.

        But it really doesn’t matter as the detail of the figures doesn’t affect how the game works. The game will work perfectly fine.

  • Adrian

    I heart pokemon. But I won’t be getting this game. Most likely.

  • Squid

    Wait, I want all of these. Has it been announced in the US?

  • bizzy gie

    Who’s downvoting all these harmless comments (excluding the “first!” wh*re) ?

    • Michael Ngo

      haters gonna hate =/

    • Revolution5268

      the same fools who come to a site to bash on companies they don’t like in the first place.

  • Chiwawa

    i’ll probably buy em all. I didnt do that with skylanders because the price was ridiculous!
    2$ is awesome. the figurines are adorable!

  • Ace J

    *sigh* please just make pokemon stadium 3 already! or a really improved battle revolution

    • Chiwawa

      I honestly liked battle revolution. all that needs improvent is the battle animations. maybe add a little online voice chat, and BAM! instant buy.

      • greengecko007

        PBR was really fun, so I guess it was worth the $50 I paid for it. But if you didn’t have the DS games and didn’t play competitively it was a piece of junk. Even for online competition, which is what the game was for, you couldn’t create your own matches, or go into battles with specific rules. This means that even if you wanted to use a certain type of team, like a baby team match or something, there was nothing stopping you from getting matched with a player running 6 Darkrais…

        • Lusunup

          Thats why i was disappointed about revolution. I had no ds system so what the heck was i suppose to do -_- what i did was get a saved data from someone else saves…using my sd card but it still wasn’t as exciting like how staduim1 and 2 to was. We need a 3rd

          • greengecko007

            Would love to see a stadium 3. I freaking loved the mini game collection on them. It was like Mario Party with Pokemon.

        • Ace J

          yeah i didnt have a ds either. and you could rent pokemon like you could in pokemon stadium

          • greengecko007

            Yeah, but they were mostly crap pokemon with randomized natures, and un EVed stats. You could play through the initial story mode perfectly fine, but you would get your butt handed to you in later game matches, and especially online.

    • Silent

      Pokemon X and Y…..

      • Ace J

        i didnt know x and y was going to be on consoles

    • Squid

      Pokemon X and Y is like that, I wouldn’t doubt another revolution coming with awesome graphics though,

      • greengecko007

        Battle Revolution was created for the sole purpose of real time online battles in the 4th gen games. Starting with 5th gen Black and White, Pokemon games came equiped with a random match up feature that allowed you to face against opponents online. With this there is no reason for another PBR type game.

    • RonaldGursh@hotmail.com

      Battle Revolution WAS Pokemon Stadium 3.

      • Ace J

        no its not lol

      • greengecko007

        PBR was a $50 game that made online battles with real people in the 4th gen games possible. It also didn’t have half the features the stadium games did.

    • Steven Scott

      they should make another Pokemon Colosseum or Pokemon XD thoes games were awesome

      • mikel334u2

        Yea they were the best Pokemon console games IMO

        • Steven Scott

          thats why I want more of them IMO there was no a Pokemon game for the Wii

  • MehAtYourComment

    Soooo. Do we know if they are essential to play the game, yet?
    I really want to buy the game, but I hate the idea of buyng 650 figurines for being actually able to play it…

    • Dave_Val

      I don’t think the figures will be necessary to play the game, it could be a ridiculus an awful decision for Nintendo. Maybe the figures just add an upgrade or to unlock the specific pokemon in game. Regards.

    • Jay

      There are only going to be 7 figures, with only 6 currently known. Even if you absolutely must own the figures, since the price is roughly $2-$3 per figure, you’re looking at $14-$21 for all of them. You won’t have to buy $1300-$1950 worth of figures.

  • Joel

    Oh dear god, those things look awful.

  • Cesar Barroso

    these are collectibles, they don’t need to look cool because they are already cool. If you want people to buy as most as possible they need to sell them at a low cost.
    People said the gamepad look cheap, then they realized they were wrong. So don’t believe what your eyes can see, they are not that reliables.

  • tronic307

    Cute! That low-poly vibe is surprisingly appealing.

  • Saleh Sbeiti

    Where is the plant on Bulbasaurs back?

    • Silent

      Its a bulb.

  • jjmesa14

    I pretty sure the special figure is another Pikachu with a special ability.

  • Matt Lambourne

    Look at that fuckin torchic! Cute motherfucker!

  • Mario

    I love it!

  • Ducked

    I always hated skylanders. But this can appeal to kids and adults. Plus its cheap, and they look great. This should leave Skylanders and Disney Infinity in the dust. But please, make Pokemon Stadium U!

    • RonaldGursh@hotmail.com

      Dude, its just Pokemon Rumble in HD with a few NFC figurines. Its not gonna leave Skylanders or Disney Infinite in the dust. And you do realize PBR was basically Pokemon Stadium, right?

      • Ducked

        The figures are only gonna be $2. That’s against the skylanders that are $10-$30, and the Disney Infinity that are $15-$30. Pokemon is way more popular then both of them in terms of this style gameplay. I’m just saying NFC idea fits Pokemon Stadium the best.

  • Ducked

    Would it be safe to call this the year of pokemon? Think about it, Pokemon Dungeon Gates to Infinity, Pokemon X/Y, and Pokemon Rumble U.

  • Ducked

    I’d love to see a Limited Edition Yellow Pikachu Wii U console like the 3DS XL one.

    • Revolution5268

      I want a Transparent Wii U like the GBA original.

      • Ducked

        And like the N64?

  • how many figurines games does the market need? the first skylanders was a blast, the second one felt dumbed down, and i probably will skip the next. But now this and disney….pass. It’s pokemon, so i’m sure it will basically print money and sell systems, but for me personally, i could care less. Rather hear a release date for pikmin, wonderful 101, mario kart, bayonetta 2, and the new xenoblade.

  • therealruben1

    and so the figurine wars have begun

  • CuriousManiac

    I played pokemon rumble when it came out on wiiware, and I liked it,even though I usually don’t get into pokemon games that often.

    My friend has skylanders, but I’ve never played though it looks like alot of fun, I’m all for this cheaper, slightly different take on it since I do love pokemon!

    3 bucks for a simpler looking figurine in what looks like a lunchbox? I think its kind of cute! I may get into this!

  • Revolution5268

    Its cuteness its over 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Genesect4ssb4

    wheres Genesect?

  • Ford Crews

    While not PC to say, but these look rather well odd.

  • MechLord

    Nintendo is ripping you off again

  • Victor Jura

    man, all i wanted was a full 3D pokemon game with an awesome story line… *Sigh*, though i did make a petion on change.org…